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Gaastra Sky Pro 133 (2004)

Has very good twin-tip like qualities for a 60/40 so can freestyle well. Really fun board that will work in lighter winds but is more suited to bigger riders riding at its top end. More of a cruiser and carver than a slasher in waves. It's like a playful boogie board or big fish.

Signature board of Gaastra team rider Sky Solbach, the Sky Pro 133 was designed by Jonah Lepak and his team to provide a 'high energy ride.' They claim their 60/40 has massive performance for the ultimate versatility, whether it be 'heel-side, toe-side, blind, flat water or going down-the-line.' Some of the listed features are a revert rail for smooth riding and bite, six canted fins for extra grip, a micro release for clean water exit and a concave kick tail for extra drive and control.
STAV: First impressions are that it's a big man's board. Three of the boards on test are quite small and this is one of the bigger ones at 133x39.
DAN: This board looks great though, as soon as you see it you want to ride it.
STAV: It has a lot of hidden qualities. I went on it in light winds and stronger winds, and I think there's an element of too much concave in the bottom when the wind is light; I could feel it sticking. But it's a bit like the Millennium Falcon - when it goes into hyper drive it comes into its own. If you sail predominantly in light winds then maybe it's not for you.
DAN: Maybe, but when I was under-powered yesterday I stayed upwind better and got going better on this than some of the others. All the fittings are really good on the Sky Pro as well. The straps are easy to adjust, the pads are good and the handle's stylin'.
STAV: Yeah, it's a nice little platform under your feet, and remarkably, it's the only board on this test to have adjustable foot straps! Definitely still got that twin-tip feel about it - it rides off the nose really, really well, but you just have to be a little bit careful sailing it backwards: make sure you're not too front-footed, because those fins can catch you out. I think because I'm small I found the width quite overpowering in the gusts, but I did enjoy it - it was a fun board. Good for free-riding. It wave rode quite well, I wouldn't want to do it at high speed, though.
DAN: It's a bit more cruisy in the waves. Considering it's got those big fins, I didn't notice them at the front that much. I'd say that board is suited to bigger guys in any kind of waves from small and mushy upwards. It's more of a carver than a slasher.
STAV: It does ride back and forth like a twin-tip as well, so it's a great freestyler. The more you ride it the more you get used to it. The foot-straps are actually asymmetrical. They adjust, but it would have been nicer if they were symmetrical.


This test is in issue #10

Gaastra Sky Pro
Gaastra Sky Pro

Added: 2007-03-28

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