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Flysurfer psycho 4 10m (2009)

Gusty 18 ? 30 knots

The Psycho 4 is brand new and has very trick 'triple depower' technology. Combining three characteristics to maximise the depower effect: the angle-of-attack changes, the projected size of the kite changes and the curvature of the profile changes. The kite has a lot moreto offer though, such as a tight turning radius in combination with superb flying speed, huge pop and lift, making the Psycho 4 the perfect kite for freestyle, big air, wave riding and unhooked performance and comes standard with the completely new developed Infiniti bar, offering the safest and best possible control.

If I had to cross the Atlantic with a kite I'd choose this. It's very cruisy and had a lovely soft feeling. It's not super fast and there's a slight delay in the turns sometimes. Upwind ability is good and it relaunched very well virtually on command. It was in the water for a while too because I messed up on a handle-pass and wasn't on suicide but it went up with no issues. The air fills from the back and the front which seem to help keep it afloat. I used to paraglide so I really like the trimming you can do with foils, but probably isn't for someone with very little experience. I think the more experience you have with foils the more you'll really enjoy this kite. The bar and line system is good and quite clear. I later clipped onto the suicide and still got plenty of depower when I let go of the bar. Everything is simple, there's plenty of safety and the depower is smooth, although after just one rotation the lines twist but you can manually untwist them.

NEAL: It's a very narrow cord kite; skinny and long. First thing you notice is that it's really nice and stable in the air and when you put it up it feels like there's a lot of lift. Once on the water you notice how short the throw is, but that you also get a good amount of depower from that. It also turns quickly for a foil, especially in the central part of the window. There is a slight lag in the turn when at the edge of the window or when depowered as the wing-tip starts to curl. Once it refills with wind, the power steadily comes back on and you're away. It does mean that if you send it really far back when jumping, you have to be quick to recover it back again otherwise you get that same delay at the edge of the window. There's a technique to it, that's all; just don't send it wildly back, keep it in the critical part of the window where it responds much quicker. All kites steer differently in different parts of the window, but this is just exaggerated in foils. I dropped it once at the edge of the window but was pleasantly surprised at how well it relaunched. Get the timing right and the jumping is awesome, however. Great hang-time. Park it above your head and you become a paraglider! The slight stall was my only criticism but it was super gusty today and we must have been testing the kite at its upper limit and quite well depowered. Overall nice and cruisy and anyone into that would like it.
CHRIS: It was comfortable and very stable in its wind range and felt soft and had good float in the jumps. My session on the kite was after everyone else's and I was over powered, but as Neal said, we were testing it at its upper limits by then and some nasty gusts were coming through.

Over long distances the Psycho's stability and cruisy nature make it a good bet but its outstanding feature was the hang-time. More float than helium balloon.

The paraglider effect.

Slight hesitancy at the edge of the window.

8, 10, 12 and 15m

Kiteworld Mag Issue #35 The Flysurfer psycho 4 10m was tested in Issue #35 of Kiteworld. Buy Issue #35 in the Kiteworld shop.

Flysurfer psycho 4 10m
Flysurfer psycho 4 10m
Flysurfer psycho 4 10m

Added: 2008-10-08

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