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Flysurfer Outlaw kite

High-turning speed and a tight-turning radius make the Outlaw a fantastic snow and land kite for effortless hill climbs and general all-terrain conquering. Heaps of power for its size means you can take a smaller size than you otherwise might, increasing the kite's usability, performance, handling and turning speed, providing a stable and secure platform for tricks. Thin profiles combined with Jet-Flap technology (see below) virtually remove any hint of back-stall, meaning insane pop and serious portions of lift. Very user-focussed, the Outlaw also has shorter, covered and colour-coded left and right bridles that are easy to see in the snow.
The self-stabilising profile adopted from Flysurfer's water kites help the kite perform in gusty or inland conditions and, as with their other kites, the rider can individually increase or reduce the amount of bar pressure. To seal the deal, Flysurfer are claiming three new innovations in the open-celled kite market with this kite: A Total Depower System: more power and more depower on demand; Patented Jet-Flap technology: increased stability and lift and reduced stalls, allowing you to ride more safely; and Auto Bleed Over Control: a self-cleaning system that automatically removes sand, rain and debris from the kite!
The Outlaw comes as standard with Flysurfer's standard front line safety (FLS) although a cross-line has also been added to the Outlaw bar for back-stall safety, which a lot of land riders prefer.
SIZES: 14, 12, 10, 8 and 6m

Flysurfer Outlaw kite
Flysurfer Outlaw kite

Added: 2009-04-17

Category: Gear

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