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Flysurfer Flyradical (2008)


The Flyradical '08's widened full-suspension tips, in combination with a micro-cell wood core, boost the usable wind range considerably on the 2007 model. In the higher wind range you still have control without sacrificing planing performance. The pad and strap system make the ride comfortable with maximum grip. The flat rocker line combined with the full-suspension tips provide light wind board performance, but the board retains optimum control in stronger winds. The range offers a board for any rider with perfect dimensions allowing for a maximum wind range, agility and controllability. At 133 x 39.5cm, the Flyradical medium impresses with early planing and very balanced handling, allowing you to reach maximum height with minimal effort. The wider tips give maximum pop and the new thinner ABS rails make loading up for a jump child's play. The scoop in the tips also allows you to ride the 133 in waves and high winds.

WILL: Looks good and the build quality is right up there. The double Velcro strap is very easy to adjust and get nice and tight. Another nice touch is the ridge behind the heel to keep your foot locked in. Good thick, comfortable pads. A little too much of a duck stance for me, but not a big issue.
NEAL: I think the set-up and fittings are very good. It deals with chop well for what is quite a big board and it
is really easy to get a rail in, so it goes upwind extremely well. The rail just slots in straight away and I went miles upwind in just two tacks.
CHRIS: The straight rocker really helps it crank upwind and get going quickly, and it goes from heel- to toe-side very well. In spite of the very straight rocker it is a very comfortable ride but doesn't have as much pop as I thought it would and the straight rocker also means you have to keep your weight slightly towards the back of the board when going fast so as not to dip the nose.
WILL: Not extreme pop but is good for landings ? really soaks them up and gives you a nice, solid platform to land on. Really takes care of any slight mistakes on landing. The concave makes it really stick to the water, which is why it has that smoothness in the ride. There is ample pop though and because it is so easy to get a rail in, it is good for learning to jump on. It's not an out-and-out freestyle demon, but it is comfortable in the conditions. On a wave you can definitely get a nice turn in and then break it out off-the-top because it has that stiffness.

SUMMARY: A big-feeling board, probably better for the bigger rider in this size, or in lighter winds for lighter riders. Gets going very quickly, carves well and flies upwind. Well finished and made to ride very comfortably, possibly at the expense of awesome pop. Another good all-rounder for all conditions.

128 x 38cm
133 x 39.5cm
139 x 43cm


This test is inissue #33



Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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