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Flysurfer Flyaround 143 (2005)

A really good intermediate board. Nice solid platform to progress onto. Learning to go upwind is relatively easy and larger people will appreciate this board's qualities as they progress, but smaller riders may find it a bit big later on. Has flex and will cope with strong winds but that's not where it excels.
The Flyaround is designed to be one board for all conditions. The board planes surprisingly early considering its constant rocker, and in addition the finely tuned flex enables full control even in strong winds. Flysurfer have designed this board for fun, ease of use and good performance with minimum fuss. The Flyaround is manufactured using snowboard technology - a herex core, polymeric anti-scratch surface and ABS rails, making it light and yet robust.
NEAL: It rode much better than I expected it to. There's not much rocker, it's fairly flat and fairly stiff but does have bevelled rails that taper into a more solid rail in the tips. Just to explain, a bevelled rail is cut sharp into round. It's a two-stage rail not just 90 degrees to the deck. It's tucked on the downside and angled in towards the middle of the board. It's hard to get a curved rail in this construction and this is a good way for manufacturers to get around that problem.
MAGGIE: Makes it much more forgiving than the basic flat and stiff board. Superb fittings.
NEAL: I'd place that as a very good board for bigger kites. You can make it flex and it will cope with strong winds but that's not where it excels, and I don't think intermediates will mind that too much.
GEORGE: This has flex throughout the whole board rather than just in the tips.
NEAL: Definitely one of the get-up-and-go quickly boards. Although it does flex throughout the board, its stiffness gets it up and running fast.
MAGGIE: Flies upwind even if you're slightly underpowered. I found it forgiving on the landings too.
GEORGE: I wonder if the bevelled rail was doing that. It seems to bite in the water rather than skid across the surface like some snowboard constructions. I have to say I'm not really a fan of the stepped pads.
NEAL: With the toe bite? I like those and I think a lot of other people do, too. Straps are good, too. Really nice board toeside with that really long rail.
MAGGIE: Jumped well for me, and as one of the bigger boards on test I was surprised how well it dealt with chop and being powered-up.
143x39 4 x 5cm G-10's

This test is in issue #16


Added: 2007-03-23

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