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Flydoor XL 170 (2010)

The 2010 FlyDoor XL is based on the 2009 model which was awarded rave reviews from all over the world for its light wind and upwind performance. For 2010 a slightly thinner tip shape and an even more asymmetric shape combine with more flex, increasing control in overpowered conditions, while a light wind-optimised rocker line increases speed and upwind performance. The combined composite core of the XL is made of airex foam, binded with two strips of light, but super-durable, paulownia wood, increasing the breaking strength and vibration absorption. Thin ABS rails protect the inner core against heavy impacts and polyethylene tips increase the flex, meaning broken boards are a thing of the past. A 3.5mm single concave gives the board more grip and stability and the tips and rails have remained flat so the board doesn't lose its playful character.
There's a special feeling walking down the beach with this board. The last time I'd carried such a shape was when I awkwardly cradled my beginner board under my arm while tilting my head back trying to see under my helmet. But this doesn't feel like a beginner board, it's specialised, light and thin. I had a friend shout out, 'What's that?' And then someone else he was with reply, 'It's one of those doors.' Almost pitying my desperation to get out. But this year's FlyDoor is adorned with all the latest bling. Graffitti graphics on the deck, a tough base that can take the knocks, trainer/sneaker style foot pads and incredibly comfortable, supportive foot straps with a great locked-in feeling that are super easy to mount. There are no fins on the toe-side, so on first switch to toeside I went way beyond the 180, but didn't dig a rail and could just bring it back in line. A characteristic of a lot of lightwind gear, including wake-skates and skimboards in particular, is their flat nature and ease of switching and spinning. You can just about carve this round to toe-side with a bit of technique, not much, but some good commitment to those toes anyway and it will go round. It's actually not such an easy carve the other way, from toe-side, through that long 170cm heel-side edge back round to your regular riding position. Instead a heap of back foot pressure will do more to spin it or slide it round. You soon figure it out after a few runs.
Lining up a jump is a bit like piloting a 747 down the runway, pulling back on both controls before you hit the ramp and then looking to the skies hoping the undercarriage eventually comes away from the ground. Eventually it does, but at 50cm wide it's all a bit sticky. It'll do it, but jumping is a bonus in these winds.
Once it gets on the plane the Door soon gets a lick on, chugging like a steam train. It was actually the first board I went out on when I got to the beach and people were packing up thinking I was a bit of a plonker for even trying to go out. The truth was it
was the board I trusted most to get me going in the lightest winds.
We've tested these boards before and they are surprisingly engaging. If your aspirations are way above mowing the lawn, then it's probably not for you, but of the twin-tip light wind boards we've tested over the last couple of years, there isn't anything that will get you going sooner or more comfortably and out of the house more often on a weekday evening after work than this.
KW LIKED: Getting upwind while everyone else was packing up. Plus at the opposite end of the performance spectrum, the flex pattern allowing you to hold on if the wind picks up.
KW WOULD CHANGE: Add a little more feeling, but then it probably wouldn't get going as early.
SIZES: 170 x 50, 163 x 46 and 155 x 42.5cm


This test is inissue #46

Added: 2010-07-14

Category: Gear

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