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Flyboards Flyradical M (2009)

The Flyradical S, M and L represent Flysurfer's all round freeride / freestyle twin-tip line. The full wood-core, asymmetrical shape and concave grip bottom gives riders incredible performance and comfort in all conditions with massive pop for jumps. The boards have a very flat and smooth rocker line and four millimetres of concave, working alongside big, flexible tips. The result is a really fast board with super-early planing and an ability to cut through chop like a knife through butter. An ergonomic toe-side outline makes riding in toe-side easier and rounds off the Flyradical package.
All Flysurfer boards now come with a brand new foot strap system that allows for quick and easy adjustment on the fly combined with superb hold while riding.

The first thing you notice about the Flyradical M are those straight rails, reminiscent of a twin-tip from the good old days, built for quick riding and ploughing upwind. If you look at the middle of the board the rail is thin and as you run your hand in from the rail there's a step-up that adds the strength. If that thickness continued to the edge, the rail wouldn't work half as well and it's that bite that is key for this board as its upwind tracking is very impressive. There's not a lot of shape in the bottom, just a little concave, adding an element of control. A real stand out feature are the pads and straps, they're stunning and super-easy to attach to the board and not a single bit of blue language is needed as you get the screw to bite easily first time. There's a toe-grip ridge on the front of the pad and nice foam padding in the heel. Definitely all from the new school production camp and there's a binding style tightening system on top of the strap.
On the water the Flyradical feels as you'd expect it to. The rail really digs in and gets you up and going upwind quickly, but at 134 x 39.5cm you might expect its initial planing speed to be a little quicker. No question about the grip though you get loads of purchase to load up for some huge boosting. It feels a little narrower than its 39.5cm width, possibly because of those long rails, so it's not the most adept at powered freestyle, but it is very easy to ride and is a solid performer for early intermediates to the early stages of advanced riding when it would be let down by stability on powered landings, although it does have reasonable pop.
A very comfortable and rapid little performer that will have you rocketing upwind and blasting around very happily. At that size, you wouldn't need another board for different conditions for a long time, until you were looking for a board for lots of unhooked freestyle.

Beautiful pads and straps that were cushioned without being overly soft.

Pull the tips in a bit to eliminate the occasional excess spray coming off them, but that would possibly take away from the upwind performance.

(L) 139 x 43, (M) 134 x 34.5 and (S) 128 x 38cm

Flyboards Flyradical Kiteboarding M

This test is inissue #39

Flyboards Flyradical Kiteboarding M
Flyboards Flyradical Kiteboarding M
Flyboards Flyradical Kiteboarding M
Flyboards Flyradical Kiteboarding M

Added: 2009-05-07

Category: Gear

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