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Flyboards Flydoor 160 (2012)


The FlyDoor has been Flysurfer's proven light wind weapon for many years. Pure low wind fun, whether you are beginner or advanced, the FlyDoor 3 has been re-designed to be even lighter and stronger, resulting in an even more comfortable ride with a huge wind range because of the optimised 'flex under load' pattern and new five fin set-up. As soon as you start riding, you'll forget about its size. The FlyDoor comes complete with the Concept-X straps.

The 160 model we had here is actually the smaller of the Flydoor offerings, but it's still an absolute beast and wouldn't look out of place in a Spartacus film. It means serious light wind business with a wide asymmetric outline and very parallel rails. Shorter and more curved on the toe-side rail, it's easier for riding on that rail, while the long, straight heel-side edge digs in and has you tanking upwind in a jiffy and does a lot of the work for you. There's a shallow concave running 80% of the length of the board for comfort and the pads are soft and absorbent and utilise a ratchet system that works well. The tips remain wide but have a decent amount of curve to them. They are also very flexible and, although there seems a huge distance between your foot and the end of the board, you can really feel your back foot pressure having a lot of effect, ie: it doesn't feel like a big tea tray as in the past. Reasonably soft throughout, the Flydoor is remarkably comfortable and there's a decent amount of stiffness in the middle to get it up and going quickly. It doesn't feel stiff or stuck to the water and good for nothing other than standing on and planing early. There's a good connection to the water, nothing happens abruptly; everything's very smooth and really easy. When you're edging to make a transition or jump the board flexes, bites and there's no skipping out. It's also light underfoot and when in the air, so is easier on the stomach muscles. In general the Flydoor is just super easy to ride. Of course it feels flatter than your regular twin-tip, but there's lots of grip and positivity and just a slight adjustment of technique from your usual board is all that's required to see you having lots of light wind fun.
Much lighter than you'd think, we've seen steady refinement in the Flydoors over the years, going from being simply the earliest planing boards but also lacking a little class, to this year's model which not only gets going really early, but is comfortable and very easy to ride and even try a few tricks on.
Superb light wind performance and ease-of-use.
It's still not the prettiest or sportiest looking model on the market, but it's about function, not form.
170 x 50 and 160 x 44cm



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Added: 2012-07-02

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