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Flexifoil Neutron 9m (2009)

The Neutron is a kite for all levels of rider, with a fast turn, snappy handling and great boost. This all-round package gets you on the water with minimum fuss and is the best value water kite package that Flexifoil have ever produced. The kite is supplied as a four-line kite running on 20m lines. Fifth-line and five metre extensions are available as an upgrade. The kite works great for freestyle tricks due to its solid power. Great depower and quick turning make the kite brilliant in the waves and it has numerous safety options available for the beginner and intermediate rider. The Neutron delivers a fantastic ride, whether you're into freestyle, freeride or wave-riding.
Fantastic quality as usual from Flexi, from the bar to the lines to the kite. It's really well put together and robust. The bar is functional, simple, compact and comfortable with good grip and smooth depower straps. As soon as you get out on this kite you can feel that it's going to be a lot of fun. We didn't have to adjust our riding at all when we got on it, just plugged and played. Fantastic all-round performance, suitable for the rider that wants to ride quickly upwind, pop out some nice, boosty jumps but at the same time throw some involved kite loops. There's nothing wishy washy in the feedback and the kite isn't too ballsy, it's balanced and feels locked in around the sky at all times. Great kite loops mix power and speed with a reasonably tight turn. No twitchiness and no stalling. The feeling on the bar is superb, letting you know exactly where the kite is all the time. You can feel the power without getting your arms pulled off. You just didn't have to think about the kite all the time. Unhooked the Neutron performs well, there's no back-stalling, it feels balanced in your hands and there's no rubbing on your knuckles from the chicken-loop line.
If anything the 20 metre lines do make the kite feel a little underpowered for its size, so the line extensions do make a difference for powering up the kite. Generally speaking though, this works straight out of the bag for most people's riding styles.
This really is an all-round performer that does everything to a high standard; with good forward flight for riding upwind, good relaunch, fast flying speed and a great feeling unhooked. There are kites out there that are softer for the beginner, but this would still be a fine first purchase. As a second kite, it's hard to beat, though. Highly recommended.
Above average performance in all areas.
Although there's a slight lack of power with 20 metre lines, it does come with extensions and the shorter lines are brilliant fun in higher winds anyway, so that kills that point. Erm...
12, 9, 7, 5 and 3m

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Flexifoil Neutron

Flexifoil Neutron

Flexifoil Neutron

Added: 2009-05-06

Category: Gear

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