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Flexifoil Ion3 10.5 (2008)

The Ion3 is the highest performance hybrid kite on the market, retaining the previous Ion's versatility, but ups the stakes by maximising any wind conditions, whatever the discipline, leaving you feeling in control and free to unleash your true potential. Its massive wind range delivers more depower, an aggressively responsive performance and faster turns to take you exactly where you want to go, giving you the confidence to ride higher and harder, simply through its level of controllable performance. With a solid driving turn and lightning quick through the window, the Ion3 takes the hybrid design and gives it more bite! Whether you like smacking waves on a strapless board or boosting through the ceiling on the latest twintip, the Ion3's performance will free your riding and allow you to maximise your session.

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The depower system is a standard and proven success of a strap above the bar. The only downside for me is the tiny chicken-loop. It's not as versatile as it could be, though the bar is narrower in the hands than most, which I liked.
NEAL: Construction is all really good ? bag, kite, bar, reinforcements and one pump. All Flexi's gear is high grade. I agree totally about the chicken-loop ? it's a little bit impractical for unhooking, especially for people just getting into unhooked riding. The bar set-up is very simple and works very well and that feeling extended onto the water; straight away it was so comfortable. Looks right in the air and is so well mannered.
CHRIS: People were really sniffing around this on the beach today.
NEAL: I think the depower has a very good range and Flexi have gone for the C kite feel with this kite, giving smooth turning, but you do lose some depower that way. In some of the gusts I was at the end of the stopper and using the board to slow down, but the pay off for this is sublime all-round handling, especially for board-offs and boosted tricks as you don't drop like a stone. The bar feels really good with great feedback. It's not for beginners, but once you've got some kite skills you could advance so far on this in all areas. All three of us were noticeably going for more tricks within 20 seconds of being on it.
WILL: Great speed and you can jump high on this. You can send it for a loop knowing that it will get round and catch you in good time. Perhaps it would catch some intermediates out with its speed, but I loved riding this today.
CHRIS: In spite of the small chicken-loop it is really nice unhooked ? doesn't back up and kick you and is well behaved in the transition between being hooked-in and unhooked.

A test team favourite for its speed, refined, direct handling and overall performance. Not as much depower as some hybrids, but more than a traditional C kite and with a stack of performance packed within its wings. Not for the absolute rookie, but once you know what you're doing, the Ion3 will be in favour, for waves and freestyle.

7, 8.5, 10.5, 12.5, 14.5 and 16.5m
Flexifoil - Ion3

This test is inissue #33

Flexifoil - Ion3
Flexifoil - Ion3
Flexifoil - Ion3
Flexifoil - Ion3
Flexifoil - Ion3
Flexifoil - Ion3
Flexifoil - Ion3
Flexifoil - Ion3
Flexifoil - Ion3

Added: 2008-08-01

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