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Flexifoil Hadlow Pro Model Kite

The '08 Hadlow Pro model blew the test team's socks off and Flexi have worked hard at further injecting huge performance levels into this wing. Aaron specifically wanted to see an improvement in the ability of the larger kites to drive quickly to the top of the window during a kite loop. Even the bigger '09 models now race to the top of the window, enabling massive, powered and driving mega loops with predictable, responsive control and soft landings.
Other important areas highlighted for improvement were the kite's relaunchability, a reduction in weight, strength and improved bar feedback. The addition of an extra strut has seen the kite's already incredible performance leap up a notch and supports the profile better, helping with the drive through the kite loops that Aaron is so keen on. It also improves the direct feel, enabling the advanced rider to instinctively feel what the kite is doing in the sky. The aerofoil shape and profile have been modified, speeding up the 9 and 11 metre sizes in particular which has also been helped by the ultra-thin leading edge and therefore the manoeuvrability of the kite.
Aaron used this kite towards the back end of last season to secure his fifth world title, so there's no doubting its pedigree. Hadlow himself says: 'The main difference is the speed through the sky. Switching from an '08 to '09, one after the other, my riding speed noticeably increased, which leads to better pop and more confidence in mega loops. Before I would always trust my seven metre in a mega loop and the nine would be borderline. Now I have no problem with the nine metre and even give them a go on the eleven.'
From the lines to the bag, to the amount the kites pack down in size for travel, you'll be riding exactly what Aaron uses in his personal arsenal if you buy one of these, but you'd better be quick!
The Hadlow Pro '09 is available from January as a limited edition and in the same fives sizes that Aaron has in his quiver.

SIZES: 13, 11, 9, 7 and 5.5m
Flexifoil Hadlow Pro Model Kite
Flexifoil Hadlow Pro Model Kite
Flexifoil Hadlow Pro Model Kite
Flexifoil Hadlow Pro Model Kite

Added: 2009-04-20

Category: Gear

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