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Flexifoil Fusion 15m (2006)

The Fusion is uncomplicated and won't give you any nasty surprises. Slightly lower aspect than the other kites we had but you can really tune it to be a freestyle machine or slow it down for the less advanced; works for everyone. Really well made and good attention to detail. The bar has lots of adjustment including fifth line tuning and all the parts spin well. Release and everything were tidy. Good fun kite.
Flexifoil's latest water kite combines the high performance and ease of handling of the Firestorm and Strike 2 kites. They've maximised the Fusion's mid-aspect shape, by their own admission, with some intelligent design software. The best part is the new Axis bar that includes an 'on the fly' adjustable fifth line, a fully spinning fifth line system, a single action push away release and a pull-pull depower strap.
GEORGE: Big, powerful and much lower aspect than the others.
NEAL: It's a real all rounder. They've tried to make a kite that Aaron can use for contests as well as one that anyone else
can use, and that's a lot to ask. It's got all the features of a top end kite, but perhaps not quite the performance.
GEORGE: There're three knots on the fifth line. With the line set long, the kite just sits back in the window like a wake-style tractor engine. If you put it on the top knot it's amazing how far forward it comes in the window and tracks upwind.
WILL: I like the cleat for the fifth line so you can adjust it while you're riding. I used that a lot and it made a good bit of difference.
NEAL: I was watching you downlooping it Will. It looked good.
WILL: I thought it turned quick but flew slow. But that's nice though - you get a good whip and it felt nice and solid unhooking.
NEAL: Yeah, those battens on the front seem to add a lot of rigidity, keeping some kind of a foil shape so you can still steer when depowered. I'd have to say that bar has been designed for Aaron to get a good grip of during some kind of death pass, but he's got hands like sand paper. For the rest of us softies it is just too grippy.
GEORGE: The overall finish is very professional. At the kite end it's got all the bells and whistles, and they've introduced
one-point inflation, too. As they've got just one kite, it seems obvious that they're about to release a bow kite.
NEAL: Until then this is supposed to be an everybody kite, and that's what it is. Does everything nicely and without complication. It's easy to read.
7, 9, 12, 15 and 18.5m

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