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Flexifoil Free-Ride 135 (2007)

Flexi's new board range delivers outstanding performance for the beginner, intermediate and prorider. The 135 has excellent flex characteristics to help cruise through chop and swell, yet retains enough pop to enable big raileys and loading up for massive airs. The tip outlinehas been rounded off to make slashing waves easier and more fun without tripping your edge. A flat mid-section and a large single concave with flex aids water flow and upwind performance. This also enables the board to flex, giving the rider a smooth ride and the board early planing properties. The flat centre section comfortably holds masses of power. Strong, tough and durable, these boards are designed to last. Quite simply this board covers all conditions.

So, looking at the label on the board it's aimed at freestyle riding.
WILL: Yeah I think it is aimed at freestyle when you're powered, like yesterday, but I thought it was good today when I was only moderately powered, too
MIKEY: It really cuts into the water allowing you to tank upwind.
ALEX: It does go upwind really well and it's got good aggressiveness for powered tricks. If anything, I think there is just a touch too much stiffness and flatness that takes away some carving prowess.
WILL: But that stiffness gives it great pop and I really enjoyed its feel on my feet.
TIM: This is a really well-balance board and is very comfortable both on the water and in the air. I'm not into wake-style and it isn't too stiff for me. I really found it a joy to use from the moment I stepped onto it.
MIKEY: It's got quite big feeling fins. I'd prefer just as little more skatiness.
WILL: It has quite a small board feel to it.
ALEX: Yes it does, and it goes upwind well, holds its edge well, but I don't think it carves that nicely. I mean it turns, but it isn't as smooth as some, but that's just one aspect.
WILL: Yeah, I think that's because it's fairly stiff. Felt lively to me though, and the pads and straps are good
ALEX: It's definitely good fun as a blasting and jump machine and will last. It's a quality product.
WILL: The most sporty board for me.

Loads of immediate fun packed into the Flexifoil. The stiffness gets it up and going quickly, gives it plenty of pop and makes it feel lively under your feet for its 135 length. This would be a great intermediate board for people looking to ride fast, boost big and get back upwind again quickly. Comfortable and tough.

130x40, 135x40 and 145x42cm


This test is inissue #26

Flexifoil Free-Ride 135
Flexifoil Free-Ride 135

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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