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Flexifoil Delta (2008)


The new Delta boards have been created for intermediate and experienced riders who are looking for a kiteboard to use in a wide range of conditions. The board has been carefully designed to focus on rider comfort, ease of use and versatility. The combination of the composite core and top-mould design helps to control the flex and provides the board with outstanding levels of pop. This makes wake style tricks and jumping easy, enjoyable and fun! The flexible tips help to eliminate nose diving on landings, whilst maintaining edge control at high speeds. The overall rocker and rail outline (coupled with the progressive flex in the board) makes the Delta range extremely comfortable boards to ride in choppy water.

CHRIS: A pleasant ride that went upwind well. There was a slight technique to get it to go upwind as you had to put more weight onto your back leg and drive it upwind.
NEAL: You can get a lot out of this board if you've got good technique.
WILL: It went upwind well in the stronger winds today. My main issue is that I've got quite big feet and the foot-straps felt like they sat too far forward over my foot. They definitely work and I didn't come out of them, but I just felt like I wanted my feet further in there. You could always replace the fittings though. Felt nice and sporty and it's thinness made it comfortable, but just a bit soft to be super-poppy, giving it a good freeride quality.
CHRIS: Switched stance really well going through carves. To do anything really fancy on it you had to load it up a lot.
NEAL: It was very fast, but quite technical to get it to ride fast in terms of foot pressures and trim. It will perform at a high level and the more basic rider would be looking for a bit less flex and support.
CHRIS: A light and aggressive rider would like it best due to its flexibility. It's definitely not for heavyweights. Good board, just not the easiest for someone looking for simple auto-pilot performance.
WILL: Overall for me it pops to a decent level, feels nice and sporty and looks good.

SUMMARY: The Delta in this size will reward a confident, young or light rider. Heavier riders, or those with only basic experience should choose the bigger size.

129 x 38.5cm
134 x 40cm
139 x 41.5cm

flexifoil delta

This test is inissue #33

flexifoil delta

flexifoil delta
flexifoil delta
flexifoil delta

Added: 2008-08-01

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