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Flexifoil Atom 12m (2008)

The new Atom 08 from Flexifoil has been designed to be comfortable and fun to ride - whatever the weather conditions. The design and hybrid shape delivers rocksolid stability, huge depower and predictable, responsive handling. The feedback collected from the original Atom 07 of 'Don't change the kite, it's perfect!' laid down a challenge to the Flexifoil R&D team. After initial prototype testing, the R&D team knew that they could enhance the feel and responsiveness of the kite by altering components such as the leading edge construction and the wing-tip shape. The end result is that the overall stability and usable wind range has been improved through detailed refinement of the aerodynamic elements of each size of the Atom 08.

A good looker and really well-built. I can't believe how hard you crashed that onto the beach! Most other kites would have admitted defeat after that.
CHRIS: This kite is great fun: consistent power, turns really well, loved the kite loops. Like all the kites on test the wind range is excellent.
JAMES: Straight away it felt good - great bar pressure; it isn't too light or heavy and you get great feedback from the kite. You don't have to look at it, you just get the feel though the bar.
CHRIS: Jumping with the kite is easy and it flies very predictably through the sky. Great low end too. The build quality is very good, the bar is comfortable and unfussy - they've altered the grip from last year, the only downside is that the chicken-loop is much too small to easily hook in and out. Having said that, the kite flies well unhooked and it doesn't chug you downwind when you are out of the loop.
JAMES: Really easy relaunch too - push the bar out, the kite comes round to the side of the window and it just pops up with no effort. You really feel like part of the kite, if that makes sense.

Flexifoil have made a really well-finished kite that will suit all levels of riders. Very stable, easy to use and will cope with most situations well.

3, 5, 7, 9 and 12m

Flexifoil - Atom 08


Kiteworld Mag Issue #30
This test is in issue #30

Flexifoil - Atom 08
Flexifoil - Atom 08
Flexifoil - Atom 08
Flexifoil - Atom 08

Added: 2008-08-01

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