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Feckin' ColdFECKIN' COLD
WORDS ? Jim Gaunt

Groundbreaking this video isn't (well I suppose it is in a first-of-its-kind-to-come-out-of-Wales-kind-of-way), but a beautiful portrayal of what it is to be a Welsh kiteboarder, surfer and windsurfer in the winter, it is. Wales is often viewed as the poor relation in the UK, and if I was Welsh I'd be doing nothing to change that. I wouldn't want any other buggers coming along and getting in on any of my action on the jewels in the UK's beach crown. Good job I had nothing to do with this video then because Alfie Hart has made a brilliant spoof/documentary/action video featuring the riders he found out there this winter. After buying an old Parcel Force van, converting the back into a makeshift home for the winter, the video was only ever going to be down to earth. No show boating, no prima donnas ? just spirited riders having it for the hell of it.Taking you on a tour round the best spots on the Welsh coast to the sounds of local bands (if you like Jack Johnson - you're sorted), this is more 'Endless Winter' than 'Endless Summer'. All-American-inspired relation to Bruce Brown's 1966 surf movie has been replaced by Hart's stiff 'Chumley-Warnered' upper-lip and is simply a must for anyone who got out this winter in the UK. For those that didn't, then you need to see what you've been missing. And for everyone else, you won't believe the conditions this island gets. It's just...feckin cold! If there was a debut kiteboarding video awards section at the Cannes Film Festival, this would bag it no question.


Feckin' Cold was featured in Issue #21.

Added: 2008-09-19

Category: Gear

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