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Fat Sand Progression ProfessionalBuy NowPROGRESSION: PROFESSIONAL
By: Fat Sand
I was stood on El Medano beach with Aaron Hadlow during the week we spent together planning the last issue trying to convince him to break down a more simple trick than the Blind Judge 3 Motor Drive Project he'd suggested. 'Jim, I'm world champion, this is as easy as it's gonna get, mate. Take it or leave it.' With that he did his trademark entry into the water by running down the beach and in one movement dropped his board in the water, slotted his feet either side of the straps and he was off. Literally three minutes later he was stood back on the beach with photographer Flo and I looking over the shots she'd just fired out of a railey-to-blind, blind judge and blind judge 3. 'So is that's done now, right?' Err yeah.
Fat Sand make the most in-depth and practically user-focussed instructional films. They aren't really the kind of DVDs you would sit around and watch beginning to end, because that would take about two hours! Instead, you pick the chapter you're wanting to learn and study that via a quick once over at the beginning and then first and second progression chapters that break down the fundamental elements of the trick into bite size and understandable chunks. You'd think that a kiteboarding instructional with Aaron Hadlow teaching the moves he's won four world championships with would end up flying over your head, but there are a lot of intricacies you can pick up from the world champion. Progression: Professional builds on the unhooked techniques taught in Progression: Advanced and aims to help you understand, differentiate and land the tricks that are at the core of competitive kiteboarding. As they say on the back of the box: 'Whether you're an aspiring world champion, looking to add more tricks to your repertoire; or simply trying to understand and appreciate the complexities of high level freestyle kitesurfing...Progression: Professional delivers.' And in that respect, it crosses the boundaries from instructional to entertaining action movie, with Aaron at his best, breaking down 23 tricks. You just don't see that sort of thing on every DVD, but then not everyone has the relationship with the master that Fat Sand have allowing them to tie him to a computer and break down every little bit of every one of his tricks. Magic.

Progression Professional was featured in Issue #31.
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Added: 2008-09-17

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