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Fanatic McQueen 133 (2006)

This board was noticeably smaller than some of the other boards, and as a result didn't get going as quickly in the lighter winds. It is stiff which means that lighter riders will have no problem on this in light winds, and heavier riders will enjoy the pop in stronger conditions. Well-made, tough and looks the part. The size was the biggest in the range, so we don't feel this range has been truly designed for light wind. It's more performance orientated for stronger winds, where it would excel.

The McQueen range of boards is capable of handling a huge variety of conditions with style and has been developed with the more experienced kiteboarder in mind. The wide body shape has been combined with a perfectly balanced outline for good handling. The compact shape allows for transitions and tricks while the wider nose will help you get the right pop for loaded jumps. Quick and snappy, allowing you to wave ride in moderate conditions, the McQueens will help you push your kiting to the next level.

WILL: Looks the nuts, doesn't it? You'd feel good owning that.
JAKE: Yeah, it's the first board I picked. I thought it was a fast ride.
WILL: It is fast, but just not upwind.
NEAL: That's probably because it was quite small. It's got a 90-degree rail, so you should be getting bite and speed.
JAKE: I actually found it pretty comfortable in the chop but there wasn't much carve in it, though. It's nice and light, it's got a bit of rocker and the pop was surprising. You push down and it pushes back up.
NEAL: It was responsive but not the quickest to get going, but that's no surprise given its size. Popped well once it was planing in light wind, which was good.
WILL: The pads didn't really work for me. There's a hollow section near the toes where you usually want to lock them onto something. It felt like my toes were moving around a lot. I didn't think they reflected the natural arch of your foot, and doing hard pops I didn't feel solid with the board, which was a shame because apart from that it felt lively. Nice bright rails so you'll never lose it when you're body dragging back to it.
NEAL: There's no bottom shape to it, but it's stiff so it does feel lively. Mid to high wind was very good though, and I think this would suit a slightly better rider who could make use of the pop this board has.

125 x 38cm
129 x 40cm
133 x 42cm


This test is in issue #21

Fanatic McQueen
Fanatic McQueen

Added: 2007-03-26

Category: Gear

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