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Fanatic Joyrider 138 (2005)

This is a true intermediate board: Small enough to progress onto, but still wide enough to plane well. Fantastic flex properties and good fixtures and fittings. Definitely worth a try.
Fanatic's step-cap production provides a near-indestructible, lightweight, responsive and robust board. Each size has a special arithmetically developed rocker line responsible for the best combination of speed, handling and manoeuvrability. Any size will give you the perfect combination of easy planning, manoeuvrability and upwind performance. Shaper Harry Brehm has used ABS step-cap construction with a PVC core and flex tips to provide the perfect platform to improve all your tricks.
NEAL: Really thin tips - you can actually pull the tips up there's that much flex. They give a good ride quality as well as pop.
GEORGE: I think most designers have identified that you want different areas of flex rather than a uniform flex. You need a flat section across the middle of the board so you can get your edge in. The tips will flex as you send the kite and then release when you want. Nice G-10 fins and they're fairly central for good control.
MAGGIE: The orange rails mean you can see it whichever way up it is in the water.
NEAL: It's a very comfortable intermediate board. Good edging, pop and grip for jumping - even for the more new school manoeuvres.
GEORGE: Nice width at 40cm wide ? keeps you coasting through the lulls. The stance is a little wider so jumping and landings are easier. It's strong, light and has the ABS sidewalls that are very ding resistant. Let down by a crappy handle though, it has to be said.
NEAL: It's not that bad. You need to let up on this handle and foot fascination of yours! The straps aren't the widest access. It's a board for keeping your feet in the straps, not twiddling around a lot. It's not quite a first board, but I think you have a lot of room for your own improvement on it. Not really for a big chap, though.
GEORGE: I like the way everything about it is minimum fuss and nice finish like the counter-sunk screws and everything. Because it is such an advanced construction and very thin, if you go and put the wrong screw in or don't use the washer because it's too hard to get the screw in because of the thick pads, then you might screw through it as I did. I just wanted to warn people to be careful.
138 x 40cm
129 x 39cm
120 x 37cm

This test is in issue #16

Fanatic Joyrider 138
Fanatic Joyrider 138
Fanatic Joyrider 138

Added: 2007-03-09

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