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Fanatic Bronson 134 (2007)

Are you worried about losing control on the water? The Bronson is designed for people who find it difficult to hold an edge on wide boards. It will keep you on track and in control, even in the most overpowering conditions. The round outline is perfect for carving waves and the slightly reduced tip size will smooth out the ride in the gnarliest of conditions. With the Bronson you'll laugh in the face of gusty wind and choppy water!

NEAL: I have to say I was really surprised by the good ride quality. I thought it would be a much stiffer ride. You've got this stance that looks like your feet are so close together, but it's nice. I think it's still a little bit stiff perhaps - you feel the bumps a bit which means you also feel the landings. But basically it does everything well, I like it.
WILL: I'm not that keen on the pads. I found I couldn't lock my feet in that well.
NEAL: I think that's probably because the stance puts your feet closer together than you're used to and you can't get that bent knee locked-in feeling so much.
GEORGE: It does seem a bit stiff to start with, but after a while you get right into it and it's really comfortable. The narrow stance makes turning it nice and easy, because you can get more weight on that toe-side rail. I don't think the stance can adjust to be any wider.
WILL: Most people don't want a pro'swidth stance - they want to be comfortable.
NEAL: It hasn't got the super-flexy tips that a lot of boards have now but it does have flex.
GEORGE: This is one of my 'Ronseal' boards - it does exactly what it says on the tin. It's not too complex and trying to do too much; it's simple and easy to ride well. They've shaped a little outline into the core but generally the construction complexity doesn't look as technical as some of the others, but works.

Good all round board. Not absolutely outstanding in any particular area, but it doesn't let itself down anywhere either. We had the biggest size in the range and we don't feel that anyone of average weight would want anything smaller. A lightweight rider will get a lot out of this and progress well in their freestyle or free-riding.

127 x 37
134 x 39cm


This test is inissue #26

Fanatic Bronson 134
Fanatic Bronson 134
Fanatic Bronson 134

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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