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F-One TX3 134 (2010)

The TX3 is an ambitious, extremely responsive freeride board perfect for all types of conditions. Thanks to its powerful and precise pop it will help you reach another level in your freeride and freestyle sessions. Based on the technology and structure of the Trax 4, the TX3 incorporates a modified shape for more carving and flexibility which also provides a perfect balance between power, smooth riding and control. The TX3 combines a concave in the bottom part and a channel straightening the middle, allowing for instant planing and huge upwind potential with the ability to absorb chop and improve grip. The 100% wood core however is the life force along with a 100% fibreglass envelope, which all integrate to create a board that is quick, active and able to erase chop through absorption and this 'direct drive' technology has allowed for only an 11mm thickness in the centre and 3mm at the tips. The flex, dynamic response, chocks and vibration absorption provided by the wood core are unique and unequalled. Four 5cm G10 fins and 2010 pro platinum pads come as standard.
The TX3 continues in the wake of previous boards designed by Raphael Salles with an unmistakable buildquality. They really are stunning and full of pedigree. The TX3 is its own man; it's not trying to be anything else. The outline is more classic twin-tip than new school square but still right up-to-date cosmetically and structurally. Strong yet light, attention to detail is evident throughout. Wider in the middle and tapering down to flexible tips there's a stiffer section in the middle under foot. A wide channel underneath is there for softness and grip and the rails have a slight sharpness for bite. The pads and straps split the test team slightly, with Neal commenting that they were a bit too squidgy and slippery for him, whereas Bully thought they were the best thing since sliced bread, commenting on how they were soft on the side but firm over the foot, giving you a great connection and sucking your foot in. No one was in any doubt over the comfort though, but like any set-up it will fit different feet in different ways. As soon as you get on this it gets going quickly; engage that rail and you'll be giggling as you fang around on it. It's your friend straight away and while not the most boomtastic pop machine it can more than handle any unhooked freestyle you wish to try and throw at it. But where this really excels, and where more new school performance orientated twin-tips struggle, is when blasting around the ocean in chop and strong winds like a lunatic. The channel on the bottom locks the board in quickly, allowing you to land flat and immediately regain grip or to pop it round for blind tricks and not slide out. The rail is lovely and really lets you dig it in providing loads of grip. Pretend wave riding where you want to smack loads of choppy, lumpy lips is just brilliant. No slide or shudder ? the flexible pulled in tips just bite and hold all the way round the turn. Although the more oval shape doesn't lend itself to the needs of out and out powered unhooked freestylers, it's more than up to the odd raley, S-bend and the like, but this really just gets better and better the more the wind picks up when you can get it to bite and boost huge. Also, because it's light, you barely notice it on your feet either It's just obscenely good for blasting.
The TX3 has made us remember what the fun was originally all about in kiting before freestyle trends changed to a lower, more technical nature. Fast and fluid, it soaks up the lumps and bumps beautifully and saves your knees on choppy landings. Fashionable youngsters may think we're a bit old fashioned with this review, but we all loved this board. Bigger riders should opt for the bigger size as this 134 did feel relatively smaller than we're used to.
KW LIKED: The motorcross style quality. It's fast, controlled and good fun from the first minute.
KW WOULD CHANGE: Big pop freestyle monkeys will want a bit more stiffness and low-end speed for their manoeuvres.
SIZES: 136 x 40cm and 134 x 39cm

This test is inissue #46

Added: 2010-07-14

Category: Gear

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