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F-One Trax 6 (2011)

The F-One Trax 6 brings outstanding planing and tremendous comfort in high-wind conditions. With an unmatched upwind ability, acceleration is continuous yet remains controllable, absorbing all vibrations instead of passing it through your legs. Incredible directional stability and astonishing precision when edging, the new Trax 6 features a state-of-the-art bottom shape with a single concave, steps and a lateral V. The new lateral V gives a free feeling while keeping the board on track and under control to go fast or throw high jumps. The lighter weight and new flex distribution offer better pop and effortless control at all times. No matter the conditions, the Trax 6 outperforms at any spot. Mixing technology and performance it's got just the right combination of speed and precision you'd expect from any top-of-the-line board.
You cannot fault the way F-One boards are put together. They have been making bloody good boards for a long time now. The outlines are spot on, the attention to detail, including that inverse rail shape and the channels on the base of the board, are all second-to-none. The pads and straps are easy to tighten and nice and comfortable and all the fixtures and fittings always look lovely.
We have enjoyed all previous incarnations of the Trax. It's a got a heritage of being a really all-round performer, suited to riders who don't ride in perfect conditions and like to do a bit of everything in any wind conditions. If anything, they've loosened it up a bit this year, just slightly. Extremely good switching heel-to-toe, or for any surface manoeuvre, it's skatey and feels a bit like a snowboard in powder with a really nice feel rail-to-rail. Never catching a rail, you can really throw it about. Super soft and forgiving in its ride it's also fast. As it handles the lumps and bumps so well, the Trax comfortably holds a really good cruising speed with a lively and responsive feel. Edging grip is great for boosting and the board locks-in on landings, but Chris did voice that for lots of unhooked freestyle he would have liked a bit less of a loose feeling.


This is a top freeride board. Loads of get up and go and a never ending top end, it handles all water states beautifully, whether you're into tricks or just upwind cruising. It's your bread and butter board for the ocean that has stood the test of time and is always at the top of our list.


Comfortable, fast, engaging kitesurfing qualities.
A little more bite for top level new school pop.


140 x 45, 138 x 41, 136 x 40, 134 x 39 and 132 x 38cm


This test is inissue #52

F-One Trax 6
F-One Trax 6
F-One Trax 6

Added: 2011-07-25

Category: Gear

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