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F-One Trax 135 (2008)

Gusty, choppy 15 - 25 knots

The Trax III comes with outstanding planing and tremendous comfort in high wind conditions. Unmatched upwind ability is combined with continuous acceleration yet the Trax remains controllable in any situation. No matter what the conditions, the Trax III outperforms at any spot. Featuring the advance concave steps shape, the Trax III keeps its track in straight runs and in sharp turns. It is fast and well-balanced and at ease freeriding or freestyling. With its dynamic flex, it is responsive, light and extremely comfortable for any type of rider.

I have to say I've been spoilt with these foot straps! I like everything about this board and it's made me think that perhaps it's time to change up from my small board as this makes everything easier. It was choppy but I couldn't feel it through my legs. It went upwind well, the pop was really good and the landings were really solid and stable. I really felt like a better rider on this board.
JAMES: I would say it's more freestyle oriented than freeride, but you can definitely cruise about on it, too. Nice bit of bling detail and the pads are some of the most comfortable, luxurious ones we've tried. They are really sucky and lock you in. I really like that feeling and it's good to be able to rely on the fact that your feet aren't coming out of the board halfway through a trick. For a board with such good pop for wake-style tricks it's very smooth through the water, soaks up any chop and got right back on the plane. The rails are quite thick and slightly reversed and the whole board looks and feels strong. Because it was quite thick it felt tough but it's not heavy at all; just reassuringly solid. Switching to toe and carving round was really smooth. In fact, there's not much I can fault about the whole ride. Point it and you go; load up for your trick and the board will hold its line.
NEAL: Very pimp. Beautiful straps and pads, although if you like a more solid feel and closer connection to the board then you may prefer a thinner pad. These are for stomping landings. You can tell your foot is in the sweet spot in these straps because you get about 400% more comfort. Lots of set-up options, so would work for a lot of riders, but we set it up wide and it takes a very wake-style setup with a wide, straight stance and does that very well. It was choppy when I went out and I just wanted to pop off everything and that wide stance just lets you land at any speed and the solid, wide platform and flex just soak it up beautifully. Much
more advanced than the other boards this issue, and I enjoyed it for different reasons.
CHRIS: I won't go on about the foot pads and straps any more as everyone else has already covered that, but these must be the most comfortable I've ever used. Loads of support and extremely comfortable. The board has a real freestyle outline and the most noticeable thing about the board is the track that runs down the middle. I don't think we've ever tested any boards that have such a track like that the whole way through. You don't notice it when you edge normally, but for directional changes, popping, carving or trying to slow down it gives you more grip when you're riding the board flat. You feel the whole board pushing through the water and it doesn't slow it down like channels can. The board is still really quick and softens jumps and wake-style tricks and keeps on planing. Full on class. My personal view is that it's the best board I've ridden all year.

The better rider you are the more this board will reward you. An intermediate could happily get on and progress well on it as it is easy-to-ride, but a faster, more intermediate-specific twin-tip could be better suited to their skills. Advanced riders should be reaching for their back pocket.

What's not to like?

The foot straps. Yeah right!

135 x 37cm
135 x 39cm
135 x 41cm
140 x 39cm
140 x 41cm
F-One Trax 135

Kiteworld Mag Issue #35

This test is inissue #35
F-One Trax 135
F-One Trax 135
F-One Trax 135
F-One Trax 135
F-One Trax 135

Added: 2008-10-09

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