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F-One Surf 6'0" (2011)

The surf 6'0'' can be used with straps in pure surf, plus at 6'0'' has good length for better control when riding strapless. The length and 46cm width mean you can use minimal kite power in the surf and the size means it also crosses over as a great strapless cruising board in light wind conditions. As a kiteboard sustains more rigour than a standard surfboard, enduring more pressure, mainly when beating back upwind through chop as well as from jumps, F-One developed a bamboo sandwich construction that would stand up to these demands. The bamboo is a light, super strong structure, superior to wood in terms of durability and rigidity and is also more environmentally responsible than other production methods, with the giant bamboo growing back extremely quickly. All F-One surfboards come with a full pad set-up, surf straps, Future Vector fins and Future fin box.
The F-One range of surfboards look fantastic with their full bamboo look. Pick them up and they feel light but also extremely sturdy. The full deck pad is really good quality and as a continuous piece means you get excellent grip wherever you want to stand and have no maintenance. The grip pad quality is great and there's no way that is going to start peeling off. Although we had a set of Mystic pads from the dealer in South Africa on this one, we've tested the F-One straps on other surfboards before and they are super simple, comfortable and more in the windsurfing style of basic straps, just doing the job of keeping you attached to the board, rather than covering your whole foot.
Basically, this board is made for lots and lots of kiteboarding in waves. On the water, the Surf 6'0'' is one of the easiest boards to just get on and start riding. It's very stable, so gybes easily, engages a rail without much effort, so is great for getting on, learning to go upwind and to get used to riding a directional surfboard if you never have. But, the big plus point is also how well it rides on a wave. On the big sets, this board just runs with them, soaking up the speed and rapid turns beautifully, giving you loads of confidence that it's never going to skip out or not get you round a big section.
It felt like a big 6'0'', if you know what we mean ? not chunky and bouncy, but capable and smooth and you can make as tight or wide a turn as you like. There's plenty of buoyancy to be able to take advantage of the bigger waves, while its super adaptability and easy handling make it really good fun in the smaller stuff, when you want to bank hard and slash the nuts off the top of a wave, whether you a lightweight or heavier rider, which is quite incredible.


For ease of use in all wind conditions, light to strong, whether you're a first time gyber or a seasoned wave rider, this board will suit all of you down to the ground. Incredibly versatile, it is very tough, too.
The fact that anyone can get on this and progress in waves.
Some people may like to ride their boards with just wax, but you can't on this. You'll just have to live with what's probably the best deck pad in the business.
Fish range: 5'6'', 5'4'' and 5'2''. Signature range: 5'10'', 5'8'' and 5'6''. Surf range: 6'0''. Surf SL range: 6'2'' and the Gun: 6'9''

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f-one surf
f-one surf
f-one surf
f-one surf

Added: 2011-03-28

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