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F-One SK8 129 (2005)

Similar to the classic twin-tip outline in that it's got a narrow, long outline. It's got new construction techniques and materials giving a much more modern performance. Construction and fittings were fantastic. Loads of flex and ride comfort from the carbon. In these extreme conditions it got a little bouncy at the limits but we were right at the boundaries control-wise, and it coped beautifully. It just looks so pimp too. This has to be Puff Daddy ? bling and in control!
Back for its third season and there's been a few noticeable changes in the SK8's line up. First off, the 138 is no longer with us. F-One believe the comfort of the new Style 138 takes care of business there. The Direct Drive feature on the SK8 is a reduced thickness of only 10mm, making the board extremely responsive and provides positive direct feedback to the rider.
The parabolic outline reduces the width in the middle of the board, creating two wide points directly under the rider's feet. This enhances the lateral stability of the board and provides greater control and grip on the water. The inverted rail is designed to maintain grip on the water for longer.
Unlike hard rails, they are less likely to suddenly break away. There's huge flex from the 3mm thin tips, yet thanks to being 100% carbon it's one of the strongest and lightest boards on the market at only 1.8 kilos, and comes with ABS rails.
DAN: There's so much flex in that board that makes it really comfortable. That was one of the most controllable boards in that wind today.
NEAL: Yeah, it wouldn't slide out and could hold onto loads of power. Possibly a little bouncy, but it really does take the bumps well.
DAN: I thought it was cruisy as hell. Wasn't sure what to expect when I first looked at it with that shape, and the fact that it was made out of carbon.
NEAL: Don't be fooled by its carbon good looks - it's really not stiff at all. It may look glassy, but it can take care of itself all right. I really liked it for wave riding too.
DAN: Absolutely, anything you can get up and down a face on without getting pulled in a huge arc in those winds must be comfortable and forgiving, which the F-One certainly is.
NEAL: Fantastic fixtures and fittings. Those straps and pads are so comfortable ? even backwards as we had them on to start with!
NEAL: We pushed it beyond where it was supposed to be today ( and discovered why they have the smaller sizes - imagine what they can take! Anything that felt OK today is good. They were extreme conditions; I mean Dan was on a six at times!
118 x 35cm
119 x 37cm
128 x 35cm
129 x 37cm

This test is in issue #13

F-One sk8
F-One sk8

Added: 2007-03-08

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