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F-One Signature 5' 8" (2007)

A fairly rounded shape ensures smooth turns and no complications. Good attention to detail in the fittings, including a big central pad in between the pads, means you don't need to keep waxing for grip in your gybes. Generally makes things simple and fun to learn and progress on.
Depowerable kites have allowed designers to bring volume back to their wave boards. The Signature 172 lets the rider use the wave's power as it was meant to be: for pure surfing. X-Core wood, reinforced with a comfort mono-pad and super-soft symmetrical pads, it's all about making the most of the waves you're dealt.
KIRSTY: I really like this one. Nice feel; easy to get going, easy to gybe and nice turns. Has a really surfy feel right from the start and requires a comfortable amount of input. Some boards are too responsive and can catch you out, this is just right. This one only does something if you want it to. Nice linked turns with plenty of forgiveness.
RICHARD: Smooth and easy - a beginner to surfboards could get on with this as could the more experienced rider. It requires a fair bit of power to get it going, though. You would have to be a very small rider to get that going in light winds.
KIRSTY: Powered it feels nice, and I'd say it is an all-rounder for onshore or cross-shore. Easy to stay upwind, too. Seems like a good first-time board; it's forgiving and immediately fun.
RICHARD: Probably won't blow your socks off if you are an expert, but you'd be hard pushed to find a better all-rounder.

This test is inissue #24

F-One Signature

Added: 2007-05-31

Category: Gear

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