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F-One Revolt 9M (2009)

The Revolt 2 delivers simplicity, safety and accessibility in order for you to develop your kitesurfing skills quickly. A four-line kite that features innovative Delta C shape technology, combined with the EVO full depower system for no-compromise safety and control. It has a four metre safety lifeline, featuring a V-shaped bridle with a pulley system on each of the front lines, offering complete control with direct and responsive steering in all riding conditions. On the water the kite inspires confidence with smooth and responsive power delivery, even when the kite is fully depowered. No matter what your skill level, the Revolt 2 offers a rewarding and forgiving ride that will safely aid progression through the sport.
The initial differences between this and F-One's Bandit Dos (and now Three) are clear. The bar is a little more basic (still well made, but with fewer bells and whistles in the finish, such as a webbing pull-pull depower system rather than the clam cleat), the bag is a much cheaper product and there's no bag for the bar. There's no one pump either, but the Bandit Dos doesn't either, so no change there. The build quality of the package is good, it's well put together still, but it's definitely made with budget buyers in mind. When you put the kite up the first thing that's clear is that the Revolt is packed with grunt, but there's also a huge amount of depower on the bar throw, the bar seemingly retreating up the line for miles. In flight the kite is quick and carries oodles of power. The bottom end is fantastic, getting you up and going as soon as you dip that kite. Instant power, but also instant depower. This would be good for the heavier rider looking to progress after their lessons. Smaller riders could probably get away with a size smaller than usual. The relaunch is instant with you barely even needing to pull on a back line to get it to go up. It tends to roll over and get to the edge of the window on its own. Moving onto jumping, the huge depower and power mean that this baby goes up like a rocket and stays there with way above average hang-time. We had it out underpowered in about 15 knots and really powered in 28 ? 30; the jumping is good in lighter winds, but just incredible when over powered. You go up for an age and get brought really gently back down and are given a lot of time to get yourself settled for landing, which makes it great for learning those floaty transitions. Above your head during a jump it's not the easiest kite to instinctively feel where it is, but it's not supposed to be a super-agile bit of kit. It provides basic, safe but grunty power for riders in their early stages of development who want uncomplicated performance. Having said that, it does fly around a kite loop well! It's a quick kite in general, providing good forward pull and gets to the front of the window nicely with the bar trimmed correctly to shoot upwind. The bar does lack a little finesse in a refined feeling of control, but what it does have is that wonderful characteristic for early intermediate kiters who need to be able to power up or depower the kite by simply pulling in or sheeting out on the bar instead of having to move it around to generate power.
The Revolt is crammed with power, but has the ability to ditch it very quickly. One minute it's swaggering around the showers after a match swinging its massive balls about and the next you could spray it with a freezing hose pipe and it'd be out of there in the blink of an eye. Sure there's no one pump, but there's less to go wrong therefore and you could spend more money on a fancier kite, but would you rather be walking down the beach with a new kite in a cheap bag, or a second hand kite in a good bag. Ease-of-use, good grunt to get you going, great hang-time, simple relaunch and good forward flying speed for upwind gain are what this kite is all about. A job well done.
Simple, usable power by sheeting in on the bar as well as great boosting.
KW WOULD CHANGE: Add a little more of a refined feeling through the bar, but only more advanced riders would notice that.
13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 4 and 3m

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F-One Revolt
F-One Revolt

Added: 2009-05-07

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