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F-One Legend 163 (2007)

Really impressive riding both ways and the fact that the fins at the front never get in the way is amazing, considering their size. Really good entry-level surfboard if you want to get into wave kiting but are a bit nervous about getting stuck on a directional and staring down the barrel of an oncoming monster and having to gybe to get out the way. This is a great stepping stone and really rewarding.
A directional board will always have the last word in the waves thanks to the pressure distribution on the rail. F-One boss, Raphael Salles, is a true twin-tip lover and his pictures of huge bottoms in Ponta Preta with an ageing XS70 have gone around the world. The Legend is a true directional board, equipped with all the good things that come with that shape; fast planing and great carves in surf, but it rides like a twin-tip. A powerful wave riding board and a great option to take out on light wind days.
NEAL: I'm impressed with these surfboard-like shapes; everything's easy, they're not super-technical or twitchy and they work in waves really well. This one has a nice tail, some grip on the back foot, a nice all-over deck pad so you can gybe it, and yet if you get into trouble, you can ride it backwards.
GEORGE: I think it's great backwards. It almost points higher upwind than when going forwards, and when on a wave you really forget there are any fins at the front.
NEAL: Do you take your back foot out of its strap when sailing it forwards and going upwind?
NEAL: If you take your back foot out on a surfboard rocker it will fly upwind because the board is trimmed better in the water. The back foot strap position is designed to put you on the part of the board that makes it turn really fast on the wave.
WILL: The straps are really uncomfortable. Maybe we had them too narrow or something?
GEORGE: You'd change those straight away, but that's not a reason to not buy the board.
WILL: You can get on it straight away and make it work. Everything is easy, apart from the pads which aren't too forgiving when you land off the back of a wave.
NEAL: It's not designed for loads of cushioning for freestyle, though, it's to stop heel dents and to give you grip. There isn't much flex in boards like this, you just have to adapt your style and bend your knees more. Takes more technique than just blapping around on a twin-tip. This board would definitely be a great lead on to a full-on surfboard.
GEORGE: You get such a nice surprise from your first bottom turn; you actually get acceleration and make it up to your top turn without sinking.
NEAL: It drives around but it hasn't got the width of a surfboard, it's much more gunny. Surfboards are much more elliptical with a bigger difference between the wide-point and the tail which gives it the free feeling at the top of the wave. This has a lovely rail that locks in but doesn't break out so easily. But one step at a time, you can't have everything straight away!

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F-One Legend 163
F-One Legend 163 - bottom
F-One Legend 163 - top

Added: 2008-08-01

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