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F-One Bandit Dos 10m (2009)

Gusty 18 ? 30 knots

The Delta C shape is a concept developed and patented by F-One, and has proved reliable in all disciplines and for all levels of kiting. This single design is the solution for all types of riders for one clear choice, combining strong features such as safety, performance, wind-range, auto-relaunch, simplicity of set-up and unhooked riding without any compromise. The kite's new key elements include: lighter and faster big sizes, instant low-end power, more C-shaped turning, rock solid construction, increased upwind and speed performance, maximum depower with a shorter depower rope, lighter bar feeling with confident, direct steering and better control of the profile and shape in high wind ranges.

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I had a lot of fun on this. The bar is nice and small, which is fashionable for freestylers and once again the usual F-One safety system with line adjusters on the outside is all good. Excellent depower system with nice range and doesn't go so far out of reach that you have to let go of the bar. You have a lot of adjustment on the Bandit Dos. For an intermediate kiteboarder upwards who wants a kite to do a lot of different things you can adjust it to ideally suit the conditions. When I first went out on it I hadn't depowered the centre line. I was getting some really boosty, floaty, controlled jumps and going to the moon with absolute pin-point accuracy on landings. I could literally pick my spot where I wanted to land. On that setting it was just too much to unhook on in those winds and I didn't want it to pull my arms off. I put the kite down on the beach and adjusted the knot on the single front line just above the depower and it became perfect for unhooking. Lots of depower, goes upwind really well and much better, more controlled kite loops than last year's Bandit and I was always really confident it would get round with good forward speed.

JAMES: I was riding that on the fully powered-up setting in really strong conditions. It actually felt more powerful than a 12 metre, even though it's a ten. This is the biggest jumping kite I've been on in a long time. Really ballistic jumping. It seems to sit a bit further back in the window on the animal setting we had it on and it's got that solid grunt as well so has that unhooked performance, too. The bar pressure on the setting we had it on was quite heavy. In fact everything about the kite felt powerful. The pressure through the bar was powerful and the jumping was really explosive. The kite had power in the turn and really drove. Good relaunch and I really exercised that when I was unhooking on full power and getting hauled. Upwind performance was really good, but to be honest in the wind I had it out in and on the lagoon, most kites go upwind well.

NEAL: Good all round kite that you can tune to ride well in waves and then also for more kite looping and freestyle action. A beginner might panic with too many options, but if they've got a decent dealer they should explain the options. Looks good and the construction is amazing. The fact that the struts are actually part of the canopy gives you a good indication as to the level of build quality on the whole set-up and the kite has
everything you'd expect for your money from a new hybrid kite. Very nice.

Proper chameleon characteristics in this funky French gem. We thought F-One were brave last year releasing just one kite for all. This year they've nailed the concept.

Being able to change the kite from a big guy's boosting kite to an accomplished freestyler kiteboarder's weapon in a single change of a knot.

Add a one pump system!

4.5, 5.5, 7, 8, 9 10, 12, 14 and 16m

Kiteworld Mag Issue #35 The F-One Bandit Dos 10m was tested in Issue #35 of Kiteworld Magazine. Buy Issue #35 in the Kiteworld shop.

F-One Bandit Dos 10m
F-One Bandit Dos 10m
F-One Bandit Dos 10m
F-One Bandit Dos 10m
F-One Bandit Dos 10m

Added: 2008-10-08

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