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F-One Fifty 150 (2008)

Thanks to its size the Fifty is the perfect lightwind board - quick to plane and very forgiving for beginners' mistakes. 3D pads and adjustable ergonomic straps with Straplock make the optimal set-up for you. Direct Drive technology provides a board with minimum thickness with 100% wood core and 100% fibreglass outer layer. These elements respond with each other to provide a high performance, precise, quick and extremely active kiteboard that erases chop and absorbs energy. The flex, dynamic response and the shock and vibration absorption by the wood core is unique. The board works for you and with you and the feeling of riding in direct contact with the water is amazing. Less effort on your legs, more control and better sensations.

It's got a fairly heavy construction and the fins are offset towards the heel edge, which obviously work because it surprised me in the really light winds. It doesn't look like the biggest and I didn't expect it to get going that well with its round outline. Not a freestyle board though and has basic pads and straps, but I think more solid pads like these are better on lightwind boards as they don't soak up any energy. Got going really well and cruised. It felt brilliantly stable and just kept planing.
PETE: Yeah, there was real drive in the gusts that would keep you going through the lulls.
NEAL: Thick in the middle and narrows sharply to the tips. The stiffness in the middle that tapers to the tips makes it smooth in the light airs. Lively enough for transition tricks and hopping to blind and toe-side are as easy as it gets on this until the wind gets up, and then it starts to get a bit more twitchy with the lack of a 'cultured' rail, but still cruises. Lacked a true sense of freestyle and pop but it made life easy.
PETE: Fins went well with it. Didn't feel nailed to the water like you can with lightwind boards ? there was good life in it and the landings were very solid.
JAMES: I thought there was a bit of a technique to get it going, but once going it was off. Very solid board, good for maintaining speed and I didn't get to the point where it got uncomfortable.
PETE: Good board for the conditions.

If you want to go cruising and get going in lightwinds you'll really like this. The thin shape on the Fifty isn't the best for pop and it's not a full-on lightwind freestyle board, though.

Simple ease-of-use, honest light wind performance.

Stability once the wind picks up a lot.

150 x 45 and 150 x 48cm.
F-One Fifty 150 (light wind) Kite Board

F-One Fifty 150 (light wind) Kite Board
F-One Fifty 150 (light wind) Kite Board
F-One Fifty 150 (light wind) Kite Board
F-One Fifty 150 (light wind) Kite Board
F-One Fifty 150 (light wind) Kite Board
F-One Fifty 150 (light wind) Kite Board
F-One Fifty 150 (light wind) Kite Board

Added: 2008-11-24

Category: Gear

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