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Epic Screamer 12M (2010)

Designed by legendary rider Dimitri Maramenides, the Epic Screamer is the ultimate weapon for huge jumps, killer hang-time and superior unhooked moves, helping you escalate every level of your kitesurfing experience. Intermediate riders will be quick to notice the fast relaunch and effortless turning characteristics, while experienced riders can enjoy the top end of competitionready performance the Screamer is eager to provide. The kite comes with a simple bridle attachment with replaceable pulley/line, a secure one pump system, carbon tough scruff pads and a triple welded leading edge. Whether your goal is to win competitions or just take your riding to the next level, the Screamer is the kite you have been looking for.
The Screamer is equipped with all mod-cons, such as one-pump, re-ride back line safety as well as mini-5th line options, multiple set-up options on the pigtails at the kite, simple pull-pull above-the-bar trimming straps and a push-away release above the chicken-loop. A big red plastic looking box shape, you can't really miss the release. It does feel a bit hollow, but works quickly and pushes back together easily. The bar is basic but clean, effective and obviously colour-coded for safety.
The profile of the kite has a noticeably flatter leading edge than a lot of modern hybrids which doesn't make it the fastest relaunching kite against the stopwatch, but with a back line pull method, getting the kite over is still easy enough.
Two things are immediately noticeable. The first is that the Screamer has tacks of power. The second is that it's very quick for a 12; more like a nine or ten. Overall the kite feels balanced, hooked or unhooked. With a little trimming, coming out of the loop it doesn't pull your arms off; there's no shifting back in the window and holding on for dear life. Flying forward in the window the Screamer creates very good, stable pull without drifting too far forwards and out of the power. We didn't really get to test out the Screamer's top end and maximum boost, but considering the wind was getting up to 25 knots, it's safe to say the top end on this kite is very good, providing plenty of loft in the boost. What is for sure is that the bottom end is excellent as each tester was constantly pointing higher on this kite and making better ground upwind in the lulls than anyone else.
The Screamer turns nice and consistently through the window with a good mix of pivotal and arcing. Funnily enough the Screamer likes to be handled roughly. You have to give it plenty of positive input in the bar, which is nice. It means you get loads of feedback through the bar and you never lose the kite in the air. Jumping it boosts well and it's always obvious where the kite is in the window. You don't look up and see it's gone way beyond 12 and lurking dangerously at the edge of the window when you want to redirect it. The Screamer tends more towards freeride and big air than being a park-style kite that sits back and moves slowly through the window.
Quick and adept the Screamer belongs in the stable of freeride kites that also do all elements of freestyle very well. Lots of riders will find this a rewarding kite and for a 12 it's very lively, balanced, well behaved and a lot of fun.

KW LIKED: Speed, all-round freeride handling and good bottom end.
KW WOULD CHANGE: Unhooked freestylers will want a bit more focus.
SIZES: 14, 12, 9 and 7m

This test is inissue #46

Added: 2010-07-14

Category: Gear

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