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Epic Renegade 9m (2012)


The 3G Renegades have new sizes, so now there is one for every rider's needs. The Renegade Infinity was Epic's best seller last season and will be back to complete the Renegade line, setting the benchmark for powered kiting in light wind conditions. The other third generation Renegades have a sleek new look, a more powerful profile and are even more stable, eating up the gusts like fatties at a free buffet. If you want a kite that's incredibly reliable and predictable, the Renegade is the tool for you. Packed with power and precision this kite delivers in waves, freeriding and any condition you can throw at it. Bottom line, Epic claim it's the best in class!


The Renegade is quite a chunky, aggressive looking kite and on closer inspection does itself proud with all mod cons and there's no skimping on the build quality. The bag isn't the most sleek design, but it's a standard, robust back pack and easily big enough to not struggle getting the kite in and out of. Job done. Epic have really got their kites dialled in and perhaps they could spend a little more time on the bar to get that really clean and polished feel. There's nothing wrong with it, the above the bar trimming straps work really nicely, it's comfortable and easy to use, it's just not as sleek as some, that's all. But proof of the overall package is in the way it flies, and boy does it fly!
The Renegade is a very fast, forward flying kite with light bar pressure. You could give this to your puniest friend and they won't get tired on it. They may not be able to keep up with it, but that's another story. You just have to stroke the bar and with the light bar pressure the kite instantly reacts, feeling a bit like you've got a light-sabre in your hands. Everything is very instant and the Renegade has a lovely torquey feel, like it's always revving nicely in its mid to upper range. Moderate aspect, the low end is pretty good and when you sheet in there's a punchy lift waiting for you. Put it where you want, when you want and there's no stalling, which is really important in waves. You can hammer down-the-line towards the kite and it doesn't back up or wobble at all, it just drifts along with you. The turns are very pivotal, starting quickly and then going even quicker through the turn, which is good for waves and for intermediates with good flying skills and the kite also has excellent forward drive. Not so much that it flies itself out of the window, which we thought it might as it was so quick. You've got to get dialled into it, but we've been on similar feeling kites in the past and have spent all our time stroking the kite around trying to keep it in the power. This isn't like that. It's got a lot of all-round capabilities and there's no doubt it's excellent for freeriding and wave riding. Don't expect oodles of hang-time, it's respectable, but it travels a bit quickly to give you loads of float, but the relaunch is instant, going straight up even with your eyes closed. We had lots of fun unhooking on it though, but proper freestyle monkeys will want a different type of performance and poise with more C kite feeling.


The Renegade is a really fast, pivotal hybrid kite without any hidden agendas. It's aggressive and has attitude, but is still suitable for good intermediate freeriders looking for a lot of all-round action, it's also an excellent wave kite with automatic relaunch, four line simplicity, good drift, pivotal turns and is very stable. Sits very well in the range with the Screamer in terms of feel and performance, which has more boost and a firmer feel at the bar.


Instant response in all areas; in the sky and when you've dumped it in the water.


The bar could do with a bit of a facelift, but there's nothing wrong with it and there are rumours of a new one soon!


13, 11, 9, 7, and 5m



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Epic Renegade
Epic Renegade
Epic Renegade

Added: 2012-04-12

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