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RUNNING TIME ? Approximately 30 minutes
WORDS - Jim Gaunt
Let's get down to it: Did I watch this film over and over again when I first got hold of it? Yes. It's a blinder. Right from the start it makes you want to google 'flights to Norway' and represents the fun and automatic grin-factor that snowkiting is all about. Featuring a selection of snowkite spots across Europe and the US, its primary focus is on the awesome Hardangervidda ? the ultimate snowkite playground featuring the ultimate wakestyle snowkiters; Remi Meum, Claes Lundin, Bjorn Kaupang, Sigve Botnen and AG Dokken. All five riders get their own unique section that captures the mood and energy that each portray in their riding. Caught with some of the most riveting camera work and music that was seemingly made just for kiting, Morten Gjerstad takes you up and down through all the emotions that we feel when we ride. Even if you've never snowkited this is one of the best 'kiting' films around and you can't fail to appreciate the way it's all been linked together and the inspiration it provides. It's not the longest film but every clip is fresh and slotted in to perfection. There's not a single moment where you'd even think about reaching for the fast forward button; only the rewind and volume. Simply a beautiful portrait of what it is to be a snowkiter.

Entropy was featured in Issue #24.
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Added: 2008-09-18

Category: Gear

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