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EH Eze 9m (2008)

The goal when designing the Eze was to come up with a simple, user-friendly kite for the masses ? a set of kites with a range and comfort zone that would keep 90% of kiteboarders happy. From the courageous starter, the advanced rider through to the kite club owner or instructor, the Eze kite needed to be a powerful, bulletproof kite that would excel in the 8 - 28 knot wind range. The depower can handle 10 ? 12 knot gusts with ease and you probably only need two sizes to cover that 8 - 28 knot wind range. For example, a 70kg rider would be fine with a 13 metre for 8 - 15 knots, and a nine metre for 13 ? 28 knots. At the same time a 100kg rider would have a good time on a 13 metre from 14 knots, or a 50kg rider would be fine on a seven metre in the same 14 knots. Just expect solid performance that will last and last.
NEAL: I'm disappointed there is no one-pump on this as the rest of the kite is finished well and looks good. Construction is OK and it looks great in the air, although very high-aspect. First thing you notice when flying it is that there's almost zero back line pressure, so it pulls and pulls, but not in a nasty way ? just powered up on the bridle. It's a very refined power, not really grunty like the old high-aspect kites. Flies very much on the front lines and there's not as much depower as on some kites. Loads of depower on the strap though ? so I'd say it's active depower rather than passive. Just set it up to be comfortable for you.
WILL: Looks really different in the sky, because it's so narrow ? not really when you're flying it, but when you look at other people flying it. The release pin on the chicken-loop is a bit plasticky but flying the kite is lovely though. Really makes me want to do freestyle, and the only time I tried handlepasses today was on this. I down looped and kite looped it really comfortably. I like the light C kite feel and the power delivery is very good when unhooked.
NEAL: It turns really nicely with minimum bar pressure. Not enough feedback through the hands for me when hooked-in, but the real surprise is how good this kite is unhooked. You expect it to kill you unhooked because it's so high-aspect, but actually the handling just gets better. There's a little bit more pressure through the bar, but the handling is still very good. Nice pop too hooked-in and unhooked, but when you do pop unhooked there's a lot of grunt and it just keeps on pulling. I am really surprised because I thought it was just going to be an upwind charger hooked-in, but it turned into a really smooth unhooked kite, too.
WILL: Goes upwind well, good relaunch, low bar pressure and comfortable riding for the intermediate, but unhooked is when the real fun comes on.
It is very comfortable and if you're after a fast, controllable kite to really progress your riding on, this is a leading contender.
The EH is a no-nonsense easy-to-use four line flat kite with more freestyle application than most in its shape category. It is only let down by the refined finishing touches of the top notch. A good kite if you're not looking for complete depower and plan on progressing with your unhooked riding.
7, 9, 11 and 13m
Eh - Eze
Eh - Eze

Eh - Eze

Eh - Eze

Eh - Eze

Eh - Eze

Eh - Eze

Eh - Eze

Eh - Eze
Eh - Eze
Eh - Eze
Eh - Eze

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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