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Cyclone Slash Mutant 125 (2004)

Cyclone Slash Mutant 125 (2004) - A board for powered-up conditions. Ultra-fast ride and you can still get a really tight turn in and there's enough float to be able to ride with a slashy style

Gavin Spowett has a long history in South African surfing. His latest wave-inspired design is the Slash Mutant that he describes as a 'pure wave-riding machine.' The press release claims it to be the 'model of choice for downwind wave runs or upwind wave riding,' with the surfboard feel coming from the mutant profile and fuller rails. Another South African big wave legend who's now fully into kiting is Grant 'Twiggy' Baker, who believes this board's most outstanding feature is, 'the drive it gives you while riding down-the-line on even the biggest waves, and the control through the turns.'

It's a bit dark side, isn't it? I'm getting a 'TIE Fighter of the seas' vibe from it. The board's got hard edges too in keeping with the whole feel of the board and even has an evil slash on it. Holds a lot of force and power. It looks quite stressed - a bit like the Emperor might look. Very similar style to the North, but it's got harder rails and different construction.
DAN: Today was easily the windiest day, and I still like it. It's very quick, and definitely the loosest and most manoeuvrable. The only thing I'm not too sure about are the straps, they seem like the Da Kine windsurf straps.
STAV: Yeah, they'd feel better with boots on. Nice and light underfoot, though. The harder rail made it more of a good jumping board than a wave rider. It jumped really well! The rails seem quite sharp - maybe a bit more tuck would have been good for wave-riding.
DAN: They're only sharp on the bottom. It's not too bad on the waves, though. It may be to do with the fins, but because it's short and light, I remember getting some turns in today that were much shorter and tighter.



This test is in issue #10

Cyclone Slash Mutant

Added: 2007-03-28

Category: Gear

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