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The first thing you need to know is that this film was put together over the last five years with no budget on hand-held video cameras available at the time. There isn't even a DVD menu, it's that basic - plays just like a VHS except you can forward to different chapters. But before you give up on this review and read another - it's a great film with an engaging soundtrack, and there's more to it than just its basic beauty. There's a top cast list here that Morgan Runyon has used over the years from Baja to the cold northern coast of California to capture the soul of kite culture. It's the travel movie you always wanted to make, including a funny fishing moment that turns, quite frankly, a little primeval, stitches, a minor recurring fascination with mannequins, street art and windsurfing as well as timeless surf kiteboarding.

RUNNING TIME: 28 minutes
FEATURED RIDERS: Andy Hurdman, Traig Trumbo, Josh Mulcoy, Jonah Lepak, Peter Trow, Mauricio Abreu, Lou Wainman, Shannon Best, Dan Moore, Chris Wyman, Ryan Rawson, Jeff Tobias, Top Hat, Chris Gilbert
SOUNDTRACK: The Vines, Dysfunctional Species, Los Pinguos, The Peak Show, Eyeshadows, Northcoast Underground Air Raid, Safety Orange
Culture was featured in Issue #13.

Added: 2008-09-22

Category: Gear

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