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Crazyfly Rocky Chatwell Pro (2009)

The Rocky Pro is CrazyFly's top-of-range board. From the selection of the finest material through the precise development and design, in co-operation with Rocky Chatwell, to the last screw on the board is carried with all eyes on the finest detail. A new CNC shaped wood tech core II works alongside the same great full carbon construction of last year. This year has seen CrazyFly tune the board up even more with a wider stance option, which freestyle riders enjoy so much, the angle of which can be adjusted in a few seconds. New super-lightweight dual density pads provide extreme comfort and prevent painful knees, even after landing the highest jumps.

A special tail outline allows the rider to load up and edge when performing difficult jumps and tricks. Progressive flex tips and a new shock absorbing system provide the softest landings and ease the ride in choppy waters. Hand finished ABS rails and a concave bottom allow for aggressive carving in sharp turns and speed on the straights.


It's hard not to fall in love with this board at first sight. You think, 'Bloody hell that's a sexy stick.' The carbon finish looks amazing and then you flip it over and it's got this vibrant white bottom, which, as well as looking good, makes it easier to see in the water than if it were black. It screams performance from the start. Run your hands over it and you realise that a lot of care has gone into the production of this board. There's a fairly constant flex throughout and a slight concave ? almost double, then it's flat in the tips as you'd expect. The tips are quite pulled in the ends for a dedicated freestyle board, so you get a really clean, splash-free ride, but the pop performance isn't hampered by that shape. The pads and straps are quality and solid. They are a little hard at first, but really hold their shape well and it's very easy to get locked in. This board isn't going to come flying off your feet during a trick and you can also fit boots in there easily enough and get some good grip.

On the water you think it could be a bit small at 130cm long, but even in the lighter winds it's fast with enough stiffness to react well but is also soft enough to give you some feeling. Some of the most bling freestyle boards can be a bit too hard as they're just so programmed for ultimate pop. If you're over 80 kilos, you may want something bigger, but any other intermediate to advanced rider could get on this and have fun as this isn't just suited to freestyle merchants. In a market flooded with 130 ? 134 x 40cm twin-tips, this is a fantastic stand out and we'll even put our necks out now and say it'll be a top three board with the test team come the end of the year. When you go and buy a new board, you want it to be everything; to tick all the boxes. And this does that. We were riding it in some hefty chop and it ate it up beautifully.
The ride is very comfortable and because the board is so light and fast it feels full of energy. Whether you're loading up to do a trick, coming in for a hot landing or just throwing down a big carve, you always feel in control. There's loads of grip and it's just absolutely spot on. There's a huge grin factor with this, from just looking at it in your hands to belting around the sea.

Extremely well made, good looking, fast, responsive, comfortable and stacked with brilliant all-round performance. This is a smart buy for most riders under 80 kilos. Unfortunately the board was lost in the post when being sent back to CrazyFly.



Perhaps the scribbled graphics might not appeal to the most mature riders out there.

130 x 40, 125 x 41 and 125 x 39cm

Crazyfly Rocky Chatwell Pro

This test is inissue #39

Crazyfly Rocky Chatwell Pro
Crazyfly Rocky Chatwell Pro
Crazyfly Rocky Chatwell Pro
Crazyfly Rocky Chatwell Pro

Added: 2009-05-07

Category: Gear

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