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Crazyfly Raptor Pro 132 (2009)

The new Raptor 2009 has a lovely balance between stiffness and flex and with CrazyFly's progressive flex tips II technology, they've also increased pop from last year. The shock absorbing system, progressive flex tips II, enhanced pop and the newly shaped tip's outline makes the take-offs easier and the landings much softer, eliminating knee discomfort. A new faster scooped rocker line and a slightly concaved bottom make the 2009 Raptor even quicker and with improved upwind abilities. Super-lightweight dual density EVA pads have the option of adjusting the stance angle, so every rider can alter the set-up to suit their personal preferences. The Raptor remains as one of the few boards on the market built with full nano carbon construction. The CNC shaped hand-finished ABS rail, in combination with carbon layers and the wood tech II core, form the strong heart of the board. Special 3-D effect colours change like a chameleon, from red to green and the UV stable top sheet foils assure that the design will maintain its looks, even after direct tropical sun rays heat up the board.

Again, like the Rocky, this has excellent fixtures and fittings. Lovely pads and straps seem a little hard at first but soon wear in and fit snugly over your foot. The pad has brilliant toe rolls and grip, so you always feel so well connected to the board, even in boots. CrazyFly are really making such high-quality and well-finished boards with a huge effort and detail going into the outlines, tips and shapes, although this one isn't quite as pretty as the Rocky Pro. This is still a stunning state-of-the-art 2009 twin-tip but it always had its work cut out after we'd ridden its older brother, the Rocky Pro.
This has a slightly more rounded outline, is shaped a little less aggressively, but is still very quick and light. It was more at home operating at a mid-range level, handling things quietly and confidently at its own pace. Therefore intermediate riders will feel very comfortable with its predictable handing and, while it's not the fastest planing board, it's certainly no slouch and the handling and performance just gets better as the wind picks up. You don't get overpowered on it, so makes a good option for someone looking for a one board quiver.
There's a high level of stiffness to the board but it does manage to soak up most of the lumps and bumps on the water's surface and there was plenty of pop and stability on the landings to see riders being able to progress a long way on it. All the basics you want from a board are covered, such as good upwind ability, lightweight, plenty of flex, good fixtures and fittings, tough construction, lots of comfort and good looks.

It's easy to see why this is CrazyFly's top selling board. Modern, strong, high-performance materials all wrapped up in a well-finished unit. It's a good feeling purchase for any intermediate rider. Advanced riders would also love it, if they haven't had the chance to try the Rocky Pro.

Beautiful finish, fantastic fixtures and fittings in an easy-to-use package.

Add a little more urgency to the performance.

137 x 43, 137 x 41, 137 x 39, 132 x 43, 132 x 41, 132 x 39, 127 x 40 and 127 x 38cm

Crazyfly Raptor Pro Kiteboarding 132


This test is inissue #39

Crazyfly Raptor Pro Kiteboarding 132
Crazyfly Raptor Pro Kiteboarding 132
Crazyfly Raptor Pro Kiteboarding 132
Crazyfly Raptor Pro Kiteboarding 132

Added: 2009-05-07

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