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Crazyfly Pro Tour Model 134 (2011)

The Pro Tour Model is the top of the range board in CrazyFly's 2011 offering of freestyle boards. Designed purely for new school freestyle and aggressive riding it's produced with the highest quality materials and levels of perfection, evidence of which can be seen anywhere on the board. Brand new 'Crazy Flex Tip' technology has been integrated into the Pro Tour Model. New technologies in composite materials have allowed for ultra thin tips that are extremely flexible and very strong, making the board not only very comfortable but also extremely responsive. Generating huge amounts of pop they also provide the softest possible landings; making kiteboarding even more fun than it ever was. The Pro Tour Model is produced with full carbon construction and extra carbon-fibre reinforcements between the feet. Layers of carbon combined with the finest selection of CNC shaped wood core and 3D ABS rails create a very strong, ultra light and extremely poppy board. The Pro Tour model comes complete with CrazyFly's brand new Pro Comp pads and straps for maximum lock-in. Find details in Most Wanted on page 38 as we didn't get to try these this time.


If there is a more simply beautiful twin-tip on the planet then we're yet to come across it. CrazyFly's commitment to carbon has been incredible and seen them really become specialist manufacturers of super strong, high-performance products. For 2011 they seem to have polished the boards with extra spit because this Pro Tour Model is so slick and shiny that you almost don't want to get it wet! Drooling done and as usual this CrazyFly model is beautifully finished in terms of fixtures and fittings, rail detail, bevelled holes for fin bolts, good quality fins, tough base and it's also very lightweight.
If this was a bicycle it would cost you thousands. CrazyFly always manage to inject a decent amount of stiffness into their boards and have a core following of freestylers around the world, opting for them not only for reliable performance, but their bullet-proof nature. The Pro Tour Model is actually pretty comfortable for an out-and-out freestyle board. We didn't take it anywhere near perfect flat water freestyle conditions and it had no issues dealing with chop, maintaining speed and grip and there was no uncomfortable bounce that is sometimes associated with new school weaponry.
On the first few runs it's hard to believe that this is such an out and out freestyle board, butonce you start loading it up you realise just how capable itis as you can really experiment with different amounts ofpop, be it little tweaks off chop or more highly chargedloading action. With a 50cm stance at its widest, you canload it and load it and it just keeps on taking it, but onrelease throws you up sharply and with ease. It's as goodfor loading and boosting tricks as it is for unhooked newschool. A good ability to soak up landings is as useful forcoming down from a high sent jump as from a low, poweredhot stomp, the board just slots itself back in without anyknee jarring, finding its grip and running on.


This isn't going to be for intermediate riders because it's not the most easy to carve board and grips hard, so switching from heel-to-toe isn't as automatic as some boards and does require a bit more technique, but for those looking for a super fast, tough as nails pop machine with an incredible ability on landings and a relatively high amount of comfort, this is it. Plus, we've also ridden the Raptor Pro, which is much more suited to freeriders looking for a more all-round ride. More on that next issue.
Super high-quality finish, strength and seemingly unlimited freestyle performance.


The picture on our living room wall so we can hang this up there instead.

134 x 41, 130 x 40 and 125 x 41cm


This test is inissue #50


Added: 2011-03-29

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