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Crazyfly Girls 132 (2010)

Specifically developed and designed for girls, the 2010 CrazyFly Girls has a narrower stance, pink footpads and small sized straps to fit female riders perfectly. The board has the same shape as the CrazyFly Raptor board, but it is softer and provides more flex making it very comfortable. Progressive flex tips, a shock absorbing system and new quick-fix system II are the most significant developments in the board. Great attention has been paid to the core by using the lightest and best available wood cores taken from the snowboarding industry with a continuous piece of wood from tip-to-tip without any joints, keeping things strong and allowing the board to maintain its natural flex properties. Super light weight dual density EVA pro pads and tough G10 fins with a very thin profile also feature along with sparkling glitter graphics that are guaranteed to set you apart from the rest.
As well as Fiona spending some time with the Girls board we also sent regular tester James Martin out on it. He's a lightweight chap at just over 70 kilos and would hopefully be able to assist in deciphering the top end performance differences between this and a regular twin-tip.
Whatever you think about pink, there's no doubt that CrazyFly craft some of the most finely produced boards on the market. As illustrated in our interview with designer, Jozef Bukovcak in issue #44, they are all hand-made in their own factory in Slovakia, and this is evident. The top and bottom sheets blend perfectly with the ABS rails which have a slight roundness to them, the screws for the fins sit flush in nicely drilled out holes rather than just sitting on top of a plastic bracket that protects the board from the screw. Even the handle is carbon, small and unobtrusive. The pads and straps are very easy to mount to the board ? there's no foam to force or bend; the bolt just slots straight into the hole. The pads are thick but firm with an arch for your instep and a very useful toe rail for your tootsies to grip. Fiona could have done with the straps tightening up a bit more ideally, but said that the toe grip really helped.
In general this particular sized board in the girl's range is really geared towards small girls. The stance is narrower than most 'regular' boards, and while tiny girls will benefit, Fiona (although tall at 5'10'') doesn't find the average stance width on most boards an issue. In general the board is really easy to ride, the solid nature of the board's construction translating into a similar feeling on the water. The flex keeps it comfortable but there's plenty of stiffness to provide very good upwind performance and it's very easy to dig a rail in. Carving is lovely and smooth and, unlike very flexible boards, holds its speed well throughout the turn, helping intermediate riders continue planing in toe-side out of the turn.
At 70 kilos, James found it very hard to get a lot of freestyle performance out of it. It was just too narrow and soft for him to get anything back in terms of powered pop. There is some pop in there (and there's more for much lighter riders) and when compared to other CrazyFly boards which provide loads of pop, this is just too small for him. It will boost and provides enough juice for smaller, lighter riders wanting to learn rotations etc. but the overall character of this board is more aimed at getting the basics right. Although not the fastest board either of our testers have experienced, it gives you a feeling of control, is comfortable, very tough... and pretty.
The 132, although isn't terribly small in actual dimensions, has the feel of a much smaller board. If you're under 60 kilos and relatively short you will really find benefit in the characteristics of this board ? it is forgiving and you'll find it much softer than more regularly sized and developed twin-tips. The CrazyFly Girls is just so easy to engage an edge and focus on riding properly rather than working harder on a wider board to get any bite and grip. If you're over 60 kilos and don't need such a narrow stance this board won't work to your advantage, so go for the 137.
KW LIKED: The fantastic build quality and riding benefits for small girls.
KW WOULD CHANGE: Add more performance for more than just light riders.
SIZES: 135 x 41, 132 x 39 and 127 x 38cm


This test is inissue #46

Added: 2010-07-14

Category: Gear

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