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Crazyfly Bulldozer 135 (2011)

New school freestyle, wake-style, aggressive riding and loads of pop are the first phrases in Bulldozer's dictionary. This board is shaped and constructed to be pushed hard and it delivers amazing performance on water. The CrazyFly R&D team developed a brand new concept in construction for the 2011 Bulldozer, which radically improved the riding performance. The Crazy Flex Tips have been integrated and new composite materials allowed them to produce ultra-thin tips, which are both extremely flexible and very strong, making the board very comfortable and really responsive. Generating much more pop, they also provide the softest possible landings. You can really load up this board and it will explode off the water. The Bulldozer is constructed tip-to-tip from the finest CNCshaped wood core. Unique layers of multi-axial fibreglass are combined with uni-directional carbon fibres and 3D ABS rails to complete the layup. High-performance, reinforced stainless steel inserts hold wakeboard boots in tight, even during the most powered tricks and the Bulldozer has the wide stance option for more stability when performing freestyle and wake-style tricks.
As we've come to expect from CrazyFly, the Bulldozer is another super high-spec finish with impeccable attention to detail. The QuickFix straps are super-easy to fit in seconds and the pads have a lovely toe and heel-grip. Unfussy and not overly soft, these pads are all business and give you a feel for the board under your feet. The Bulldozer is well constructed and strong, yet remains nice and light. Tough as houses, the carbon top sheet looks beautiful while the striking white base makes seeing the board in the water really easy, as 90% of the time when you lose your board it ends up with the base facing up.
The outline definitely leans more towards freeride than freestyle
with nice, big square tips. Speaking of the tips, the CrazyFly tips this year really are thin, but they also aren't overly flexible. The main section of the board is stiff and these tips just extend a comfortable and gradual increase in flexibility towards the end of the board. Being stiff it's fast and sharp with plenty of pop. There's no getting away from its modern intentions and it does have a dark wake-style side bursting to get out and it wouldn't look out of place with a pair of bindings on it.
Quick and responsive, it also has that zippy kiteboard twin-tip feel about it, too, so you can really mix it up on this. The Bulldozer is comfortable at most challenges, flying upwind, breaking out relatively easily for sliding and carving manoeuvres ? you don't have to ollie it to release its grip ? and it's really easy to throw about. The landings are rock solid and the board remains stable, it doesn't bog, responding instead with positive forward energy.
A beautifully finished product that intermediates and experts will be comfortable using. It will also probably outlive you.
Real adaptability between fast, strapped twin-tip feel and steadier wake-style potential.
The ride comfort could be a little softer, but the more performance you have, the less comfort you tend to have as a result. Those with especially soft knees should probably look elsewhere.
SIZES: 135 x 41, 135 x 39 and 130 x 41cm


This test is inissue #51

crazyfly bulldozer
crazyfly bulldozer
crazyfly bulldozer
crazyfly bulldozer

Added: 2011-04-28

Category: Gear

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