CrazyFly have been working with carbon materials for over 15 years. The Bulldozer has had big changes to become a freestyle / wakestyle cross-over board. A Quattro concave provides superior edging, comfort and soft landings while a Hexa shape concave in the tips gives more stiffness for extreme load and pop capabilities. Reinforced with the high-strength, low weight uni-directional Kevlar composite throughout the whole board, the Bulldozer is compatible with boots, however the brand new SEC pads and straps provide maximum lock-in and excellent control.

The engineering and workmanship that CrazyFly put into their boards is excellent and reinforces an impression of considerable strength. Attractive too with a shiny finish showing elements of the wood core, the Bulldozer oozes quality. The SEC pads and straps are very easy to assemble and mount, but they look extremely long. There are two big straps that allow a lot of adjustment and the pad covers much of your foot. Rooting you in position with a nice, generalised squeeze around your foot the pads and the straps in general are relatively firm. If you prefer a softer pad, then CrazyFly also offer a simpler, softer pad called the Dura. The only criticism we have of the set-up of the Bulldozer is that CrazyFly provide very thin coarse thread screws for the fins that are stiff to screw in and require a narrow head Phillips head screwdriver, making is quite a job to get enough purchase to screw them in quickly. The result however is that the fins must be some of the finest profiles supplied for the twin-tip market.

First impression on the water is one of speed. It's like a rocket ship. The flat rocker has bags of get up and go but to ride this board in chops requires a fair bit of physicality to negotiate the lumps and bumps. The Bulldozer provides enourmous levels of grip. Even though its very quick there's no loss of grip; it locks in and when you bang that rail in and get that back foot working for pop there is a lot of performance to get you up and out of the water nice and cleanly. It's a great sensation. The landings however are on the stiff side, especially in chop. There is a considerable amount of channeling in the bottom of the board, but that fast stiff rocker does mean that the suspension is stiff, like a Formula One car. In the flatter sections of water the Bulldozer is a lot of fun for the aggressive rider. The grip isn't so much that it's overly grippy in the tip and tail and breaks out nicely without feeling like it's on rails. There is a nice combination of fun looseness mixed with good grip, speed and drive.

Photo of CRAZYFLY BULLDOZER 135 2014  Photo of CRAZYFLY BULLDOZER 135 2014  Photo of CRAZYFLY BULLDOZER 135 2014  Photo of CRAZYFLY BULLDOZER 135 2014 

The Bulldozer is an aggressive freestyle board for riders looking for a super fast style of riding. Very assured for loading and popping, the Bulldozer will reward a fit rider that can take the solid landings. The flatter rocker provides immense speed but does mean that the Bulldozer is more at home in the flats than negotiating lots of messy ocean terrain.

Millennium Falcon-like speeds.

Adding more rocker and a bit more cushioning on landings would help our old knees as we ride in chop more than lovely flat water.

Build quality: 9 
Fixtures and fittings: 8
Speed: 8.5
Pop: 7.5
Upwind: 7.5
Slider proof: no
Freeriding: 6.5
Freestyle: 8
Ease-of-use: 7

SIZES: 140 x 42, 135 x 41 and 130 x 41cm


Added: 2014-06-26

Category: Gear

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