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Crazy Fly Wave 5' 4 (2008)

The Crazy Fly wave board is constructed with multi-axial epoxy glass, has a high-density EPS core and tucked surf rails, creating one of the lightest and most durable products on the market. A concave bottom with a fast scoop rocker line enables the rider to gain speed quickly and still maintain control. Juiced-up with three mini-tuttle carbon fins, it's quick and aggressive in the turns and as suitable for powered, harsh conditions as it is for fun, easy-going rides in smaller waves. Three mini-tuttle carbon fins, EVA pro-footpads with heel-steps and symmetrical straps finish things off nicely.
NEAL: Rock-solid construction. The pads were fairly hard, but quite normal for a surfboard and the straps were nice without being too restrictive.
CHRIS: Looks, and is, well constructed. Nice carbon fins in a typical three-fin thruster setup. This is by far the smallest board we had today and I have to say that I usually ride boards around six foot. First impressions were that it rides fast, but my front foot felt closer to the end of the board than I'm used to, and it had more of a twin-tip feel because of that, rather than a surfboard. Gybing was difficult in these choppy conditions because of the board's size, but we can't judge this as a 'surfboard' ? it's just too small for that.
NEAL: Yeah, it's much more twin-tip in style and you definitely have to ride it powered-up. This is for when you've been blown off your twin-tip but still want to smack some sections. It's a tough board, and as it's smaller in size doesn't have as much windage in the air, so is easier to control and jump with but can take the tougher landings. More suited to riding in ballistic conditions and racing around the ocean, not gybing too often and hitting wave sections very powered by the kite. Its short length makes it a bit easier than the others to ride toe-side, (but not as easy to go upwind toe-side, because of its lack of volume). On the wave you have to ride on the back foot, rather than on the front foot, which is a very familiar twin-tip style of riding, and the board promotes a more slashy, twin-tip style of wave riding where you throw a load of spray on your top turn, slide out briefly before the kite's power comes back on.
Take this out on those ballistic days when power is the issue, but you want to still boost big but have more grip and control on your turns than you'd get on your twin. Not really an option brushing up on your surfboard skills in lighter winds.
5' 4 x 17.3"
Crazy Fly - Wave (surfboard)

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Crazy Fly - Wave (surfboard)
Crazy Fly - Wave (surfboard)
Crazy Fly - Wave (surfboard)
Crazy Fly - Wave (surfboard)
Crazy Fly - Wave (surfboard)
Crazy Fly - Wave (surfboard)
Crazy Fly - Wave (surfboard)

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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