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Crazy Fly Pro Line 132 (2007)

The 132 line has become the most popular of all models in the Pro Line series of boards, and like others in the range is available in numerous widths to accommodate just about any rider's size, style and weight. Built to the same standards as all the Pro Line models, the 132 includes the wood tech core II, full-carbon lay-up and nothing but the best in accessories. The 132 has the feel of a much smaller board when it comes to carving a turn; loose and nimble. This is attained by using just the right amount of flex throughout the board, yet supplying that needed surface area to keep you going down a wave or on the plane when the winds drop off.

WILL: Well, it looks pretty crazy! It's got a really good quality finish, the pads and straps are very easy to put on and nice G-10 fins.
MIKEY: Really solid and well made.
ALEX: Yeah absolutely, I've never seen one of these before but I'm really impressed.
WILL: There's quite a bit of flex in it and a slight double concave, a flat centre-section and then it's flipped-up at the tips.
ALEX: Very, very good upwind and smooth over chop; a really comfortable ride.
TIM: Wow! This board is great. It has a really light feel when riding and boosting, it edges well, rips upwind and carves so well for a twin-tip. This board is simply a joy to ride. I don't really remember the graphics, but then who cares? It's such a great ride that the graphics seem irrelevant.
ALEX: It still has that slashy quality that I like.
WILL: Yeah, it releases its edge well and has this really tight quality on your feet. 've ridden other carbon boards before and they have a similar feeling. The landings are great on this, it really feels like the carbon is working to displace the pressure and it's so easy to keep the board planing on the water's surface when you land. Of course this also means that it's got good memory and flexes and pops well too.
ALEX: Just seems to do everything well.
MIKEY: A well-rounded board.

If you're in the market for a one board does all, then Crazy Fly could have just what you need. While it didn't outshine any other boards in one particular area, the combined effect of its refinement in all areas make it a great board for any rider of intermediate ability and beyond looking for a capable all-rounder.


122 x 38cm
122 x 40
127 x 36cm
127 x 38
127 x 40
132 x 39cm
132 x 41
132 x 44
135 x 46cm 137 x 39cm
137 x 41
137 x 44
145 x 44cm
145 x 48


This test is inissue #28

Crazyfly Proline 132
Crazyfly Proline 132
Crazyfly Proline 132

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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