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Crazy Fly Bulldozer (2008)

This full carbon vehicle is built to bulldoze through to the next level in high performance. A full wood core and high-grade modulus carbon make the board stiff, fast and poppy. CNC shaped and hand-finished three-dimensional ABS rails, in combination with carbon layers, create a torsion box with high torsional stiffness. The Bulldozer is also suitable for heavier riders who enjoy the right stiffness under their feet. The board comes equipped with pro-contour foot-pads, quick-fix straps, handle, and G-10 fins.
NEAL: Among the simplest boards to assemble we've ever had. Plastic fittings on the straps not only make it easy to get the screw into the board without having to really bend the straps, but it also seems to add stiffness to the side of the straps, adding comfort. For me the outline says it all: a nice rounded all-round twin-tip. You lose a bit of pop because it's not really stiff in the middle, but it's so slick and steady to ride. Great intermediate board for carving, general jumping and handling. If you had to go and sail 20 miles, you'd pick this every time because it's so forgiving. You can adjust the straps while riding which just shows how stable and easy to ride it is.
WILL: Really stands out for getting upwind as the rails bite very nicely. It's very comfortable riding fast - just gets up and goes. Not bad for huge pop. You can do freestyle on it, but its main focus is freeriding. Just so comfortable and does everything well.
CHRIS: One of the most comfortable boards I've had on my feet. If people are honest with their own ability and are looking for a board that will perform going upwind and cope with all sea states and gets up and going quickly, they would do well to opt for one of these. There are no hidden issues with it, it's a good bet.
SUMMARY: Good construction and a laid back, uncomplicated performance makes this the perfect choice for the majority of riders out there at the level where they aren't regularly riding unhooked. A dedicated freestyler would want more pop, though.
130 x 39cm
130 x 41cm
135 x 39cm
135 x 41cm
Crazy Fly Bulldozer

This test is inissue #33

Crazy Fly Bulldozer

Crazy Fly Bulldozer
Crazy Fly Bulldozer
Crazy Fly Bulldozer
Crazy Fly Bulldozer
Crazy Fly Bulldozer

Added: 2008-08-01

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