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Caution Redline 142 (2005)

Tough, carries plenty of pop and speed. If you're a kit trasher, pick this one.
The Redline twin tips are Caution's high performance range. All three boards have CNC machined cores to ensure a perfect shape every time, glossy sublimated PBT top sheets, Durasurf Opticlear 9000 bottom sheets (for durability and speed), concave bottoms, innovative tucked ABS rails and indented textured grab rails. New for 2005, computer-aided lay-up schedule gives this board the perfect amount of flex for smooth powerful bottom turns, snappy top turns, and huge pop on flat water. The Redline 142 is a very forgiving, easy board to ride, great for the novice or heavier riders. Quick to plane, great upwind abililty and multiple fin options for surf or flat water.
MAGGIE: Lovely big, thick pads and straps and it accelerates like anything, but as soon as you get a lull in the wind you tend to sink. It did feel quite small for a 142 but it went miles upwind.
NEAL: The rails made it super-smooth but I thought it came off the plane quite early. It feels like a 132 size-wise and it's quite skatey. It's pretty thick and is a slightly different construction to the rest. It doesn't seem to tolerate really heavy-duty pressure in turns, so I don't think it's a board aimed at serious wave riding. It's an old school thing with twin tips to have quite a narrow stance, but it does make it very easy to ride generally. It's nice and makes a good early intermediate board.
GEORGE: Yeah, I agree. There're also holes for extra fins, but the holes don't go all the way through so you'd have to drill through the bottom sheet, which is quite a nice touch to keep the bottom clean.
NEAL: Then the drive and upwind ability would be awesome. I'm a big fan of six fins to stop you skipping out when you're learning. These big long fins are placed quite centrally and in from the tips. I think shorter-based and taller fins would give you the same grip but actually be faster.
MAGGIE: I did find it to be pretty quick, though.
NEAL: Yeah, but I think that's the undercoat and not the fins.
122 x 38cm
132 x 38cm
142 x 39cm

This test is in issue #16

Caution Redline 142
Caution Redline 142
Caution Redline 142
Caution Redline 142

Added: 2007-03-09

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