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Caution Hustla 135 (2006)

Good, solid performer that an experienced rider would be comfortable performing on in light wind; a heavier or beginner rider could employ it as their only board. The only real downside we found was that a light rider might struggle to keep the heelside edge in when in stronger winds because of the positioning of the straps over the front half of the feet, so a smaller board might be an idea. Definitely tough enough for the knocks that any rider or beach could dish out.

The Caution Hustla's wide performance twin-tips have been shaped by renowned stick builder, Jimmy Lewis. The 135 has a concave bottom, innovative tucked ABS rails, and super-lightweight indented textured grab rails, making the Hustla an easy choice for even the most demanding riders. The deep progressive concave, tucked ABS rails and wide profile give the rider the best possible upwind performance, controlled board speed and insane pop. Whether you're a newbie just starting out, a heavier rider or a skilled free-rider, the Hustla is the board choice for the masses.

NEAL: Very good construction. There's a little concave in there that goes all the way out to the tips. I liked it. It was quick, got you upwind well an was a comfortable ride.
WILL: It had a nice, aggressive, wide stance. I was doing down-loops on it and it felt good.
NEAL: The pads and straps were comfy, but the only thing I'd say with a board this wide is that by having straps that don't go as far over your foot as some, it does start to make your shins ache when you're trying to get that heel edge in when you're powered. But other than that it felt really nice and had some good pop.
WILL: And it felt nimble, too.
JAKE: The rail is really smooth and I found when I lost the rail it's hard to get back as it doesn't bite as well.
NEAL: Possibly, but that rail means you can carve it really well. Feels small on your feet too, which is a good quality.
WILL: It did feel sporty. It's obviously big but it's not too heavy to push out some pretty good moves and land with that solid wide stance. You're not going to fall forward or back. There is the option to narrow the stance for smaller riders, but unfortunately you can't move the set up towards the heel-side rail for more purchase.

135 x 46.35
145 x 46cm

This test is in issue #21

Caution Hustla
Caution Hustla

Added: 2007-03-26

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