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Cabrinha Vector 12m (2012)


The Vector kite will ride any conditions the ocean decides to dish out with consistency and ease as it has been made to simplify the kiteboarding experience. Easy handling, simple steering, effortless relaunching and an intuitive security system are the primary elements of the Vector' DNA, putting this kite in a class all of its own. If you're looking for a kite that will hone your kiteboarding skills in a safe and secure environment, the Vector is the kite for you.


The Vector may be pushed by Cabrinha as a very simple kite to use, but there's nothing basic about the build-quality. Nothing has been left off and the Vector comes loaded with their Sprint one pump system, variable tuning options, Cabrinha's fantastic QuickLink control safety system and IDS (intelligent depower system) giving you three levels of security. For any level of rider the Cabrinha bar is just beautiful. Advanced riders will appreciate the grip and feel and the spinning leash attachment for example, while more inexperienced riders will find its clean, simple and functional design really easy to get on with straight away. Cabrinha definitely deserve props for their bar; it must now be the cleanest on the market with nothing dangling anywhere, even when you have loads of trim pulled on as the Recoil spring keeps it all neat and tidy. If we have a slight nit-pick, it's that the balls on the ends of the trimming lines are a bit on the small side if you've got fingers like sausages.

The Vector has that unmistakably easy, steady feel of a Cabrinha. There's loads of low end and a really smooth feel at the bar as the kite starts to build in power. The Vector has a real park and ride quality, meaning you can leave it in one spot and control the power through simply sheeting in and out on the bar. The turns are slow, not boringly so, but it has a measured turning speed and medium to heavy bar pressure that means it's hard to mis-direct it and or give accidental commands to the kite. You could argue that the bar pressure is bit heavy for some small or lighter riders, but it's very reassuring. The Vector never over flies itself and doesn't career out of control in the water if you lose your bearings during an early loop experience. The steering is spritely enough to simply send the kite up and over your head for some fantastic boosts. What a way to learn to jump, it's so easy, the kite gives good feedback above your head and the hang-time is great. There's absolutely nothing twitchy about it, it's all just very intuitive. If you have the kite roughly in the right position for whatever you want to do, the Vector makes it possible. Plus, it relaunches at the drop of a hat with a little tug on the outside line, so it really is the complete first kite package. Some people may prefer a faster, lighter kite or less bar pressure, but if you build more turning into the kite, you end up taking some of the steady comfort and ease-of-use out of it as well.


What a wonderful way to get into kitesurfing. Really uncomplicated and easy-to-use, the Vector just does everything asked of it, from beginner to intermediate level, and we recommend it to anyone in their first couple of kiting seasons.


An extremely refined, easy-to-use and rewarding riding experience.


Very small or light riders might find it a bit tiring to begin with.


14, 12, 11, 9, 7, 5 and 3.5m



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