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Cabrinha Trigger 6'1" (2011)

The Trigger is a modern classic design start to finish. As comfortable paddle surfing as it is riding with a kite, this board has more rail profile than the S-Quad, giving it more bite from the rail alone. The tri-fin set-up performs well in higher wind and waves and the Trigger boasts an all-new durable EPS construction, featuring a full length wood deck and carbon reinforcements and comes with front and rear traction pads and two surf straps.
Cabrinha have made a stunning line of surfboards this year. The S-Quad we tested last issue was a stand-out lookswise in the white wood effect and clean graphics and the Trigger follows the same lines. The pads are thin, surfboard-style traction pads, giving plenty of grip, but also plenty of feel through the board without damping out the ride. The straps are narrow offering minimal foot coverage. If you're an experience wave rider you will probably love the feeling of freedom these offer, or if you're coming straight off a twin-tip may prefer something more like what you're used to on your twin-tip. You'll soon get used to it - most of the test team loved these. They have an elastic quality to them, which although they look small, make it really easy to get your foot in there, but to also move it around to slightly different angles when you need to.
They complement the true surfboard nature of this board beautifully and really allow you to get your foot across the board. It looks like a pro surfboard and feels like one too, being incredibly light, which you can really feel on the water. The Trigger rides very fast on and off the wave, is responsive and easily controlled. The outline gets wide in the middle and narrows out to a pin tail, so the board has plenty of get up and go and is easy to learn to gybe on and feels stable, but get it on a wave and it's so agile too. For a 6'1'', it's surprisingly easy for smaller riders to get this board going rail-to-rail and really picking the points you want to hit without struggling to drive a floaty board round. Big riders should look to the 6'3'' for riding in lighter winds while very light riders, or those that really like riding powered up should check out the 5'8''. There's no doubt this is a performance board, holding all its speed through the turn, it's incredibly whippy and fun at the top and easy to slide the end out at the top. It's one of the easiest performance-orientated boards we've tried to ride and it really encourages you to get your weight on your front foot, as you should, and rewards that technique with heaps of speed. It's also very forgiving and you can edge it well off the wave, which will feel good for twin-tip riders crossing over onto a surfboard.
The Trigger is a stunning board, being light, fast, carries no bounce and absorbs chop very well. It is also super easy to influence, even for lighter weight riders. Fun with a capital 'F'.
For a board with such performance, the fact it's also so easy to ride as a first timer's board, making for smiles all-round.
The lightweight quality feels a little fragile for being run up the more shingle-laden beaches of the world.
SIZES: 6'3'', 6'1'' and 5'8''


This test is inissue #50

cabrinha trigger
cabrinha trigger
cabrinha trigger

Added: 2011-03-24

Category: Gear

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