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Cabrinha Switchblade 2 (2007)

Plenty of power and good depower, not 100% but more than enough. The relaunch is very easy and the general handling allows you to really focus on enjoying your riding. Add to that the jumping capabilities and you've got a fun kite suited to nearly all riders.
The Switchblade 2 could just be the most versatile kite on the market today. Famous for its performance and ease of use, the new Switchblade steps up to the plate once again with the addition of Cabrinha's Sprint? single point rapid inflation system and improved Override? 2 security system - a depower on demand capability that allows the rider to dictate the release load at which the stopper unit can be set to. Push the bar beyond this and the kite will simply fall out of the sky. The bar pressure is now virtually nonexistent. The Switchblade comes without pulleys but retains all of the performance of a bow kite. This makes the Switchblade 2 the hands-down favourite of Cabrinha's pro team when it comes to handle-pass or kite loop combination tricks.
GEORGE: When you pull this out of the bag it's a seriously professional looking package. If anything the kite graphics could be a bit more exciting, but they won't offend anyone, which is good.
SHINN: It's all just very well thought out and presented. There are tags all over the place so you can't go wrong!
WILL: The bar is brilliant, you can see where all your money's gone!
SHINN: Yeah it's very, very nice. Dare I say it, perfectly finished and the one pump is faultless.
WILL: The only thing I'd change are the small balls on the end of the power toggles. They are a bit small to grab easily and are a little bit far away. Other than that, it works well.
NEAL: A huge step forward from last year for me. The bar pressure has improved considerably and now the kite turns without having to hang off one end! Isn't the quickest kite, so you still have to pull a fair bit to get it to turn the way you want. Well balanced straight out of the bag, though.
SHINN: Yeah not as quick as I'd like either but so stable in the air. Hardly any bar pressure and a really direct feel. Good hang-time and very good unhooked for a bow. A little slow turning for wave riding but good for freestyle and general jumping.
GEORGE: The major stand-out for me is the jumping. The Switchblade isn't a kite, it's a paraglider! The hang-time is insane. The lighter bar pressure means you can really send the kite aggressively up to 12 o'clock, pull the bar down and just float around. It's amazing. A really good quality for all the budding jumpers out there and also the old rigmarole of edging really hard and timing your jumps perfectly to go big is a thing of the past.
7, 9 and 12m

Cabrinha Switchblade (Appeared in Kiteworld in Apr/May 2007: Issue #26)


This test is in issue #26

Cabrinha Switchblade
Cabrinha Switchblade
Cabrinha Switchblade
Cabrinha Switchblade

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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